Seventh Day Adventist -VS- Christianity

Dr.Walter Martin.The purpose of this ministry is to reach souls and bring forth the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Celio Abatti

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  1. theresa flynn says:

    Th e 1844 date is by God's true calender luni solar and why did the church close the study on it because it would cause a break down within, they didn't want to open Pandoras box.

  2. Chase Hedican says:

    sdA was better

  3. Steven Speece says:

    This SDA fellow is an editor of a magazine, I'm not sure that he was the right choice to answer this set of questions. Some one like Stephen Bohr might be better.
    In the meantime Look at these links for some better answers.

    Dennis Priebe – How Inspired Was Ellen White –

    >> [My favorite] Answering the Critics of Ellen G. White –

  4. Don Dillinger says:

    Before watching this video or any other remember that a seed of a fruit bearing tree or a seed from a poison plant can be sown…. this video load from the very beginning at the title Sda vs Christianity… Are there not many different Christian Churchs/ denominations?

  5. Steven Speece says:

    Notice the title, Seventh Day Adventist VS Christianity. Isn't it odd how some conclude that SDAs are not part of the body of Christ.

  6. Friar Talk says:

    White was a false prophet.

  7. RobertMOdell says:

    Gag. Self-important teachers of error all around the table. Enough with the theologies of man. Start listening to Jesus.

  8. Bruco Alidas says:

    Walter was such a hack. A great man, Really? Then why did he not follow the only commandment that starts with, Remember…? Why did he deny that Jesus was really Gods Son? When God said at Jesus's baptism "This is my Son…" Why does he deny it? Why does he deny that a person does not really die, but instead preached that at death you just winged your way to heaven, which is totally in contradiction to the Bible?

  9. Dale Lyons. says:


  10. One True Faith says:

    We see throughout the course of history what is of GOD  (ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH) versus what is of "man" or NOT OF GOD  (35,000 and growing Protestant divisions all stemming from a 1500's "man" Martin Luther).

    Who absolutely loves division???

    Satan just laughs and laughs as Protestants continue to divide over the self contradictory false teaching "Bible Alone" found absolutely no where in the Bible. Satan becomes gleeful when a self righteous Protestant either ignorantly or purposely attacks the ONE and ONLY established Church of Jesus Christ being the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH.

    Who absolutely loves unity and died for it???

    John 17:21-23.  Jesus Christ established ONE CHURCH, prayed and died for what???

    Which ONE CHURCH that can "prove it" historically and Biblically???

    We can safely rule out a self admitted 1863AD "man made" SDA Battle Creek MI Protestant denomination, so which ONE CHURCH???

  11. One True Faith says:

    "Man made" Protestant false teachers are FULL OF CONTRADICTION.

    For example??? 

    1. Protestant false teachers preach an "invisible" and "Spiritual" Church, while they hypocritically reach deep down into gullible people's pockets for money in a very "visible" place. Why do Protestants preach an "invisible" or "Spiritual" Church??? To hide the fact and truth they have absolutely no history back to Jesus Christ or beyond a 1500'S "man" Martin Luther.

    2. Protestants teach a self contradictory false teaching "Bible Alone", which ironically is found absolutely no where in the Bible.

    3.  Protestants say "Everything has to be in the Bible to be believed".  Where is that statement even in Sacred Scriptures??? Instead, what do Sacred Scriptures say??? John 21:25, 2 Thessalonians 2:15 or especially Acts 1:3. Which ONE CHURCH has these "40 days" of Jesus Christ's teachings that are not in the Bible per the Bible???

    4. Protestants say "ORAL TRADITION" is to be rejected.  Why???  Because, not one "man made" Protestant denomination has history back to Jesus Christ, so they have to reject it – despite what 2 Thessalonians 2:15 clearly says.

    5.  Protestants say the "pillar and bulwark of TRUTH" is the Bible.  1 Timothy 3:15 clearly says "the Church" singular meaning the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH is the "pillar and bulwark of TRUTH", who ultimately put the Bible together in the first place.

    6.  Protestants say "the Bible" is the final authority. As a result, it has led to 35,000 and growing "divisions" – as they each become their own "Pope" deciding what is correct or not.  Conversely, we see Jesus Christ giving His final "authority" to resolve faith and moral disputes to His ONE and ONLY established Church being the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH per Matthew 18:17.

    7. Protestants preach "Faith Alone". The Bible clearly rebukes this specific false teaching by stating in James 2:24 "NOT BY FAITH ALONE". In John 13:34, Jesus Christ commands us in the NEW COVENANT to "love", which clearly is an action or work that is needed (John 5:29, 15:12, 17, Romans 2:6, Philippians 2:12, Colossians 1:10, Acts 26:20, etc.) for salvation.

    8. Protestants say the Holy Eucharist is just "symbolism" – another word not found in the Bible just like "Bible Alone". But, Jesus Christ Himself (WHO CANNOT LIE) repeats over and over in the Bible "THIS IS MY BODY….THIS IS MY BLOOD" (Matthew 26:26, Mark 14:22, Luke 22:19, John 6:51, 54-58) and is needed for salvation (John 6:54-55) or for "Death to Passover" in the NEW COVENANT PASSOVER (Luke 22:19). Jesus Christ, the "Lamb of God" (John 1:29, 1 Corinthians 5:7, 1 Peter 1:19), is the true fulfilled "forever" GOD liturgically commanded "Bread of the PRESENCE" (Leviticus 24:5-9).

    9. Protestants say Matthew 23:9 "call no man father" is an indictment against the Catholic Church priests being called "Father", while they hypocritically call their own biological father's "father".

    In that Matthew 23:9 statement of Jesus Christ's, Protestants don't understand Jesus was using a hyperbole teaching emphasizing not to get caught up in honors or titles that can detract from proper worship due to our Heavenly "Father". Proof??? Judges 17:10, 18:19. What did GOD allow His old covenant priesthood to be called??? Philem 10 and especially 1 Corinthians 4:15. What did Catholic St. Paul consider himself in the New Covenant???

    10. Protestants say "no man" can forgive sins. However, in the old covenant GOD clearly used ordained "men", the Leviticus Priesthood, to forgive sins (Leviticus 5:5-6, Numbers 5:5-9). In Matthew 16:19, 18:18, and specifically explained in John 20:21-23 what same "power" did Jesus Christ give to His ONE and ONLY established Church being the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH or to the NEW COVENANT ordained "men" of GOD???

    11. Protestants claim the Catholic Church is "man made" or "pagan". But, what does clear history and the Bible (Matthew 16:19) say???

    The irony and contradiction here is each and every single Protestant denomination (35,000 and growing divisions) is truly "man made" all stemming from a 1500's "man" Martin Luther. For instance, Protestant history can easily be revealed like the Seventh Day Adventist was formed by a "man" in Battle Creek, MI in 1863AD.

    So yes, there are many contradictions in the rebellious "man made" Protestant Golden Calf faiths.

  12. carline lazarre says:

    Wait a minute ?! was doctor Martin reading from the Catholic Bible?!

  13. Kirk Brown says:

    I'm Adventist and I think it's crazy to say the Adventist belief is the only true faith that God desires. I don't much about Ellen G White but even if there were prophets in the last days, she wouldn't be the only one. I personally don't believe in her, I put my trust in Jesus and his words. You need no other interpreter other than the Holy Spirit. Keeping the Sabbath only won't save you even though we should keep all of God's laws.

  14. Jonathan Mongold says:

    Catholic vs Christianity. The pope is not the father on earth and man can forgive you from sin. The devil was an angel so yeah false prophet worldslook real. Thus is all an attack on the truth. I haven't Shiw me something Billy Graham siad biut Secret Rapture? God says every eye will see Jesus!

  15. Dale Lyons says:

    False religion

  16. Bradley Shimels says:

    The real issue here is with 7th day Adventist . Does a born again believer in Christ need to observe the old testament Saturday Sabbath? According to the Book of Galatians the answer is by Paul the apostle is a resoundingly No.Paul even says that if you are you are cursed and have a different gospel. Ellen G White preached a different gospel. Take care.

  17. mary wolfe says:

    This is the sad fact that when a person has been brainwashed it takes a true revelation from God to open the minds of cultish thinking! Focus on Jesus. He is the only way. Don't look to people, the Word of God is enough!!!!

  18. Maya Racette says:

    These people are fighting the same bible please

  19. Maya Racette says:

    Se. Walter Martin and this other guy are sheep dressed as wolfs

  20. Maya Racette says:

    This people are totally trained by illuminati masons because they are misleading people.
    Wao. Not trusted people.sorry.

  21. DK2005 FishWrangler says:

    The Seventh day Adventist are a cult and are rude people as well as stuck up !

  22. nu uh says:

    how about instead of debating we unite against stuff like this >>>>>>>

    <<<<< this is truly what is trying to destroy the gospel

  23. nani mkenya says:

    I do not judge but Martin seems to be arrogant, even the way he take set, but more questions is to attempt Your God your Lord instead let us learning God willing goodness of God upon us.

  24. Dana Andrews says:

    Mrs. White stated that no one should argue a statement by saying this is what she says.

  25. Bernadette Kennedy says:

    Ellen also made predictions that makes her a false profit. She has had an effect on many cults such as Jehovah Witnesses.

  26. Allyson Farrell says:

    Truth will always prevail! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  27. Carlos silva says:

    A Genocide in Rwanda. The Criminal, a Pastor of the Adventist Church. It is an Adventist Pastor who by that time was in functions, !! Active !!, who was found guilty for the genocide of 2 million people. But he was not just a pastor, he was the president of the South Field of the Rwandan Adventist Church. "" nothing and nothing less "". In relation to some allegations about an alleged "Historical context – A Civil War". Forget about that, you will be measured with the same yardstick with which you measure. The Teaching or Moral: Who is free of Sin that throws the first Stone. Here is a summary of the events that occurred: It is the case that in Ruando and other neighboring countries persecution and extermination of a tribal group called the Tutsi, as well as another tribe or fraction called the moderate Hutus. who were assassinated systematically by militias, soldiers and the civilian population of the Hutu majority. between April and June of 1994. A pastor of the SDA Church. Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, who by that time was president of the South camp of the Rwandan Adventist Church, and her medical son were found guilty of participating in this genocide, which cost the lives of at least 800,000 to 1,100,000 people. Although some sources speak of a figure of up to 2 million people. According to Judge Eric Mose, who read the verdict, the Adventist pastor "led the militias to the place where the Tutsi were hiding and told them where they were." As for Gerard the pastor's son and member of the same Church, the The court ruled that "he participated directly in the attacks, on occasion he led and shot civilians at close range." The pastor, Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, 78, and his son Gerard, a doctor, 45, were sentenced to 10 and 25 years of imprisonment, respectively The sentence was handed down by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, based in the city of Arusha, Tanzania

  28. Eazy Street says:


  29. David Ramadeen says:

    There is a DEFINITE reason why Elohim said NOT TO ADD OR DELETE from his word. Your Ellen White is NOT "The Word". Believe only in THE WORD. else you will receive LIES. Your choice.

  30. Daric says:

    If Ellen White is not the infallible interpreter of Scripture and it is allowable to disagree with her views, why are SDA's losing their jobs and being excommunicated if they disagree with what she taught, even if they appeal to Scripture? It doesn't make any sense.

  31. Seth Rios says:

    lol Is this guy on trial?

  32. roland noronha says:

    Walter Martin was always looking for something to destroy Mr Johnson like pharisees did with Jesus and this proves to me that the devil was in his body. What a difference between his sarcastic face and Johnson´s face.

  33. roland noronha says:

    When people leaves Jesus, they also leave the church. Nobody throws them out!

  34. roland noronha says:

    I see the devil in this Walter Martin.

  35. Jake Guerra says:

    I find it hilarious that Christians like to attack other denominations when they fail to see the problems in their own there is false Doctrine being taught by Kenneth Copeland Gloria Copeland Beth Moore Jesse Duplantis need I go on. Also Christianity continues to support pagan holidays when clearly in the Bible it is forbidden but again they like to attack different denominations for not believing like they do they need to stop at least those other denominations are out there witnessing to people at least they're taking the time to read their Bible.

  36. Peter Nakogee says:

    Mary was the first vessel of Jesus today we are the vessels of him. Who is with Jesus is alive and wh9 ever 8s not with Jesus in nothing. Those that are nothing rumple on and on.

  37. b151proof says:

    Lol Walter is like Columbo in this debate. He starts irritating the other guy more and more as he brings out quotes and documented evidence when not just a few minutes before he had given the impression that he was seeking rather than already having the information.