Session 13 New Testament Part 3 Christian Theology & Saint Paul

13 New Testament Part 3 Christian Theology & Saint Paul

NOTE: Apologies for the background static during first 20 minutes

Bishop Peter Elder Hickman of Saint Matthew Ecumenical Catholic Communion is the presenter. This is accessible material for the general interest audience.

This is the thirteenth in a series of classes providing an introduction to Catholic Christian theology, and serves as a general introduction to those who are simply interested in, or are inquiring about, Saint Matthew church or the ECC and/or theology.

This series fulfills the Systematic Theology requirements of the Permanent Deacon Formation Program for St. Cyprian School of Theology.

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  1. Benjamin Parkin says:

    I've found a source for the Aramaic of 'The Way'
    it's pronounced AuORKHeH.
    site –
    scroll down to acts19:23 for correct version of the Aramaic word meaning The Way

  2. Benjamin Parkin says:

    great video!!!!