"Sermon on the Mount" Read by David Suchet with Bible text

Ken Baker

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  1. UNITED STATES I R I E says:

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  2. Mr Drone says:

    Wow I have never read The Sermon on the Mount before. I have heard that there is a lot of dumb advice and some good advice. I know this to be true now. There's more dumb advice than good advice in it. There's some advice in The Sermon on the Mount that is deadly to you and others and it's immoral. Never pluck out an eyeball or cut off your hand. The blood loss and infection would just be horrific. Imagine someone attempting to pluck out their eyeball and not completing the job. This is just bad advice. Don't follow this advice it's not good advice. If you only pick out the good parts then that's a fallacy called cherry picking. Don't do that either

  3. faustus999 says:

    Gouge Your eyes out, cut your hand off! What utter stupidity. Total nonsense spoken wonderfully by Mr Suchet.

  4. jk w says:

    I had been listening to David reading the word through someone else. However, I really like the way you have the words shown as well. Thank you.

  5. Theresa Maary says:

    O JESUS please come to our help

  6. Adam's Road Piano says:

    Love the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount! If interested, please consider clicking on my profile picture to view musical presentations of this sermon on my channel. Blessings!

  7. Carlos Oliveira says:

    This was wisdom way ahead of its time.

  8. L. Richmond Childs says:

    All of us Americans think Our Heavenly Father speaks with a British/ English accent…If you don’t believe me read Just One Beatitude in New Yorker Accent…..

  9. L. Richmond Childs says:


  10. sean maccormack says:

    Truth is like a Lion let it loose & it will protect itself.

  11. Campbell Birch says:

    I have Stolen a car, and have also been taken to jail a couple times for warrants. Am i going to hell for this?

  12. The Bacons says:

    God have mercy on us. May we find a way to your grace. ❤️

  13. MORZYMOO says:

    David your voice is like silky butter my friend!!

  14. Fitzboden says:

    Here is another wonderful video regarding the Sermon on the Mount. https://youtu.be/4l1ABgBRjZ4

  15. Ron McAFee says:

    Agathie Christie was one of my favorite writers, but after Davis Suchet played Hercule there was no other. He was the perfect Hercule Poirot. I have heard a few audio recordings of the Bible and can't say I liked any. After David there is no other I want to hear. He's perfect. It actually gives me new understanding, listening to him because of how he emphasizes certain words and phrases and just makes God's word come alive like a conversation between friend's.

  16. Michael Starr says:

    What the hell is this? It sure isn't the King James Bible. Worst interpretation ever. Awful, just awful.

  17. Brian Smith says:

    The words are very wise,

  18. Senan O'Brien says:

    It truly is a great Blessing that this Narration is still in tact, so much of the Bible has been turned in to gibberish, Spiritual Sorcery in the Heavenly realms, some call it the Mandela Effect, more like the Bible Effect. who on judgment day is going to be concerned if it was "Life is like a box of Chocolates" or "Life used to be like a box of Chocolates" People need to wake up.

  19. MrJamesdryable says:

    Good shit.

  20. Escapate Mental Slavery says:

    Thank you.

  21. american loves wahhabi creed says:

    What mount?

  22. Eclipse Solar 83 says:

    I think i am starting to understand the Message of Christ.

  23. Chris s says:

    This is some of the dumbest shit i have ever heard.

  24. skafazzation666 says:

    The very kernel of Christianity is all in this sermon.
    Shame that 0% of Christians embody that message.

  25. James Carr says:

    The truth has a certain ring to it…William Shakespeare

  26. Billy Bob says:

    Thanks for this video. I listen to it every day, I hope to commit it to memory eventually.

  27. RottenDoctorGonzo says:

    Isn't the NIV untrustworthy?

  28. ds525252 says:

    Excellent! Thank you for posting this.

  29. Jewel Grier says: