Sermon: Fasting Can Save Your Life | Fasting in the Bible

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Message given by Barry Wood speaking about fasting in the Bible as well as spiritual, mental, and physical benefits of seeking God through Christian fasting.

Kevin Halloran

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  1. The Cherie Amour Show says:

    This is a great message.

  2. istvanski says:

    Not spiritually based but of interest: The Science of Fasting

  3. Christian T says:

    Genesis 3 verse 15 I will make you and the woman enemies. Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among all women and blessed is the fruit of the womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Satan hates Mary the Mother of Jesus.

  4. leticia thomas says:

    Praise God very good message I am blessed by it. I will seek the Lord for when He calls me to fast and I am excited

  5. אמלדה תאל Amanda says:

    Can you drink when fasting

  6. Deserie Drew says:

    When satan tempts Jesus with bread it was meant to kill him. If you fast for 40 days and then eat bread it can kill you. Thank you Pastor Myles Munroe for this revelation!

  7. kiran joji says:

    Glory to god in the highest!! Let the spirit take control and do wonders !!

  8. Joey Cerullo says:

    I found God for the first time through fasting! That was the moment my life changed! Everyone notices the twinkle in my eyes! I cleaned up my diet bc I became very ill with several auto immune diseases and after 7 days something in me changed. I have been called recently to fast for my husband. He is also ill and very lost in sin and I feel in my heart I can lead he to salvation. Where is your church? I feel very connected to your word. I also feel called to start a church but I have some demons of my own to release first! There’s nothing like the mental clarity and lightness that comes with fasting. The only thing I’m hungry for is The Word and I pray I can learn it!!!!

  9. number1hinesfeet says:

    Dear Pastor. This is a very biblically solid message. But I must address the error. I don't know if this was addressed, but when you mentioned Gods chosen fast you referred to Ezekiel 58 when the correct address is Isaiah 58. Thank you so much for the pure, holy, presentation in which you are so right. Fasting is not broadly practiced by modern disciples and it should be. God bless you. Stay the course 🙂

  10. The Animal Alchemists says:

    Eden was vegan! So heaven is vegan! bring heaven to earth by going vegan 🙂

  11. Melody Jordan says:

    Thank you

  12. Carnivore vs MS says:

    Fasting without food or water is very dangerous. I will probably never ever dry fast.

  13. Gary Mitchell says:

    Why are there some who do not believe in fasting for Spiritual purposes? It seems every time someone mentions fasting, someone says I read a book about fasting, or I cannot because of my health. Are you sure you have enough faith for salvation. Technology fasting is ridiculous the Hebrew word is cover the mouth, and the Greek is to abstain from eating. Isaiah 58: all of it is about fasting God’s way. the real problem is America loves her sin and wants to keep things just like they are. Repent!

  14. Joe Nelson says:

    So good. I honestly thought I was a little coo coo for thinking like this. A lady once walked by me at church, touched my belly and said "the Holy Spirit lives in your belly" it is so true. My stomach is so sensitive to certain foods and the more water I get the better

  15. James Mariani says:

    Fasting for……"

  16. JOHN G says:

    God bless u the service was beautiful and powerful , I went on a 40 day fast with only eating 1 time a day, tonight is my final day, and wanted to her these this before my last night and happy I found you….. god bless and god bless your way of the lords teaching

  17. Whole Armour Baptist Church says:

    Use the KJV

  18. Barefoot Sage says:

    I loved this sermon!

    Just wanted to share this with you.

  19. mary wolfe says:

    I know this wonderful sermon is about food but in today's society it is a good idea to fast from social media, or TV, or anything or anyone who takes your attention away from seeking God. Just a thought!

  20. mary wolfe says:

    I have never heard Joel Olsteen, Joyce Meyer, or some of these TV preachers teach on fasting. Jensen Franklin teaches on fasting and even wrote a book on it. Our real teacher is the Holy Spirit who said, he would teach us all things.

  21. mary wolfe says:

    I don't trust fat pastor because it appears they have no self control. I once heard an overweight pastor from Texas say that if you worry that you are close to an athiest. Well, he is judging a worrier but what about his big belly. Isn't gluttony a sin too. Why don't we all look in the mirror and let the Holy Spirit judge us from within. I am sick of the lack of compassion and acceptance and all the judging that we, as Christians judge one another with no mercy at all!

  22. Ddera Oj says:

    Jesus did not drink water during his fast and remember he was in the desert.

  23. padma sri says:

    wonderful message, i thank god for he has opened my eyes about fasting.

  24. Keil Spencer says:

    Husbands love your wives, bosses pay your workers fairly. this is the true fasting god requires of us. why starve yourselves? fools

  25. David Lyons says:

    I've fasted a couple of times  once 3 days once 17 days, I listened to several videos and read a book on fasting beforehand. but this is the best teaching on fasting I've heard.