Self-Coaching Exercise – What Do You Do?


It seems that I hear the same question at every social event, “What do you do?” The usual response is related to a person’s job or being a full-time parent. When someone asks this question they are often asking you to define yourself. Why do we choose describing our job? If that person asked you to describe yourself, what would you say differently? What if the next time somebody asks you what you do, you reply, “I am a full-time Christian”? That is kind of a scary proposition isn’t it? Hesitation is understandable, even Jesus’ disciples denied him. Let’s take this exercise a little further and ask ourselves some probing questions.

How would people react to you?

Would they want to hear more or would they turn away from you? What does their reaction say about your choice of friends?

Would they believe you?

Have your actions supported your statement or contradicted it?

How would you respond if they asked you what being a full-time Christian means?

What are the requirements for being a full time Christian entail? Which of the following sources did you consider when defining those requirements; the bible, prayer, your minister, church tradition, family background and/or popular opinion?

What would you have to change in your life to be confident that you were a full time Christian?

Do your goals and plans support being a Christian? How do you know if you are on track? What activities should you stop or start doing?

This exercise can be done for whatever spiritual practice you follow or other ways that you might answer the question, “What do you do?” For example, you might answer, “I am an environmentalist” or “I am a student of life.”

By Hugh Russell

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