Scripture Songs Vol 6 – SONGS OF HIS FAITHFULNESS 2015 (Esther Mui) Christian Worship Full Album This is a virtual release of my 6th Scripture song album. All the songs from the album are taken from the Book of Psalms, with four of them being the complete chapter/psalm.

Music and Videos Copyrighted 2015 by Esther Mui.
Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.
Background Images in video © All rights reserved by publik_oberberg. Used with permission.

00:06 01 Psalm 31:16-17,19-21 Make Your Face Shine Upon Your Servant
06:20 02 Psalm 89:1-8 Who is Mighty Like You?
11:52 03 Psalm 36:5-10 Fountain of Life
16:12 04 Psalm 139:1-18 You Have Searched Me and Known Me
22:51 05 Psalm 23 The LORD is My Shepherd
28:10 06 Psalm 4:7-8 You Have Put Gladness in My Heart
30:11 07 Psalm 34:17-20,22 The Righteous Cry Out and the LORD Hears
34:30 08 Psalm 3 Salvation Belongs to the LORD
39:58 09 Psalm 15 LORD, Who May Abide in Your Tabernacle
45:04 10 Psalm 24 King of Glory

Christian Worship & Scripture Songs (Esther Mui)

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  1. Joelle Worf says:

    Thank you, Esther, for your ministry in song. What a blessing your music has been to me on many occasions over the last 3 years since I discovered you!

  2. Anthony Carter says:

    Beautiful as always. Just when I think I'm ready to stop and reflect, the next song carries me away again. Our God is so good! Thank you again for composing/performing these songs, Ms. Mui & production team. They're such a gift from Yeshua <3 !!!

  3. Margaret Grace Kosnoski says:

    I found you about a year ago & played the few songs I found over & over at night & was able to heal from a bad cold & the was the least of what I would go thru this year but the Lord is so faithful. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t have your precious scripture songs on somewhere on something. I had them on this morning before I found out my water was turned off on a hot summer day. My husband said he had paid the bill…he is not currently living in our home…but the Lord is so so so faithful…last week it was the phone bill…the Lord has kept me in His peace thru it all & your songs have helped immeasurably. I can never thank you enough.

  4. Ronald Nepomuceno says:

    Praise God for using you and all those involved in the production of these Scriptural songs! God's Word is powerful and this is an effective way to proclaim it. Keep up the good work! May our Lord continue to sustain you all!

  5. Weedy Mary says:


  6. Hugh BURGESS says:

    We need more of this kind of ministry beautifull

  7. JesusIsTheLordofGlory says:

    This type of music is so comforting, i love it!!

  8. A Grotta says:

    Thank you So much for this music for my favourite book of the Bible!! I've been looking for Christian music like this for a long time and only found it last month. David's Psalms weren't just "beautiful words", they are prayers, that we should all pray! It's so hard to find true Christian music, Christian music without the beautiful side of evil/deception.

  9. Neesie Davis says:

    I listen to your songs everyday! Thanks so much!

  10. Regina Tucker says:

    Amenjesus. power

  11. Regina Tucker says:

    thank you lord

  12. Regina Tucker says:

    yes lord i cant attain it. have your way

  13. Regina Tucker says:

    yes Lord. do it for your glory. help me keep seeking you

  14. Regina Tucker says:

    lord thank u my king of glory. come in take. control

  15. Regina Tucker says:

    thank you father. fill my cup us

  16. Regina Tucker says:

    thank you father king jesus you my king of glory

  17. Regina Tucker says:

    yes lord you worthy of praise i love

  18. Regina Tucker says:

    yes Lord