Safe Harbor

A passenger cruise ship offers vacationers at risk adventure and opulence. More than most away-from-home vacations in which risk is confined to on-the-road and airliner travel plus risks of disease and contact with strangers while on land, the ship itself is a platform of risk as well as pleasure. You breathe a sigh of relief when you arrive at the port of embarkation to board the cruise ship (prior to sailing time).

After that, the anticipated cruise experience begins: formal dining, making new acquaintances, lounging by the pool, more food choices and in great quantity, glorious sunrises while at sea, food and drink, stage shows, more food, spectacular sunsets while at sea, food and more food, dancing, magic shows, gambling, and food, food, food. Then, you anticipate the first of many ports of call in foreign lands – safe harbor to disembark and explore (in about eight hours, before the ship departs).

The cruise vacation is a condensed, more action-packed version of people wanting perfection in their holiday as they also want that in their lives. But, as in life, your cruise vacation sometimes turns out to be far short of perfect. An at risk adventure can be miserable, even deadly. What makes you willing to take the risks? The answer is trust. You trust your skill in driving yourself to the airport. You trust the airline and its employees to safely take you to and from the port of embarkation. You trust the cruise line and its employees to deliver you to safe harbors, on time, and in accordance with the itinerary. And, if any of those things do not work, you hedge by buying cruise insurance to compensate yourself for some or all of the costs of a ruined vacation.

Suppose that you are permanently crippled, fall off the ship and drown, or die in some other way? You are not around to collect your cruise insurance benefit. Your family might collect the benefit, but you are lost, or are you? There are at least 64 Christian Biblical verses that communicate God’s promise to guide you through your life. Web search Proverbs 16:9, Psalm 32:8, and Proverbs 3:5-6. God is love, and he is there for you, no matter who you are or what you have done. The Bible has many stories of wicked people who realized this, turned away from their selfish and harmful ways to be the light to show others how to recognize and have the grace of God.

Christians use the term “born again in Jesus,” which means that they believe that God loved all of mankind so much that he gave of himself, his son Jesus, to be sacrificed for all of our wickedness. Born again, means a new start, to put yourself on the path to God, a path that is true and everlasting, even after death. Heaven is the safe harbor, and salvation is your insurance, after you walk with God through a very adventurous mortal life.

By Tony A Grayson

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