Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, JUDGEMENT Coming to American Pastors & Churches; Part 2

False Prophets, Pastors, All Church Leaders in America will be Judged this hour. Big name, small, no name, if u are False U will be EXPOSED & Judged. Repent …

Dagnet Strikes Again

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  1. C.Cooper says:

    This man is a fake 'sadhu' of God

  2. Anita Rodrigues says:

    Sadhu Sundar is a true prophet chosen by God to prepare us in Rock kind of faith, which only can help God to manifest his glory on this Earth and revel the wickedness of Satan to the people on of this world, from 2018 I listened each and every word of God proclaimed by this close prophet of God to revel all the secrets of kingdom of God, to the people who believe and receive it . I became a believer from Sept 2013 and going to finish the journey I started with God and completeting seven years in Sept 2020. God is only asking us to believe and remaing job I will do deliver the nation's. God is waiting for 100 percent result and from these seven years he is preparing me to full fill his purpose and plan on this Earth for the people who dwell here. I am having a strong battle with the devil, and I came out victorious in every trial he gave, because of God's peace sarounded me and God is working behind , devil can never win over me. I am waiting on God's timing, for which he has placed before me this cup of trials, I am winning them only by hearing the word of God, believeing and receiving his wisdom and the information I get only through the holy Spirit who helps me to full fill the plan of God, that is he wants every person should be United in his spirit and should repent, and embrace the holyness of God and discard the sinful nature of Satan and worship him as according to his plan and purpose of God. When we co-operate with God in a weapon of faith he will perform a miracle which is going to bless each and everyone by pouring out his holy spirit and open the spiritual eyes of everyone and then the transformation and revival of the world is going to come, this will happen in Sept 2020. I depend and trust on God alone, AMEN ALLELUIA, GLORY, HONOUR AND PRAISE TO MY DADDY FATHER OF ONE AND ALL. ___________ANNA(ANITHA).

  3. Juanita Latina says:

    Kat Kerr disagrees with Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. Which of the two is the real prophet?

  4. Jordan Roger says:

    I believe this man the right prophets of God.

  5. Juanita Latina says:

    Seer Kat Kerr had a conference going on at the same time as this one. She says God showed her that Trump will win in 2020 and Pence will win the next two terms afterwards. She also said that times are about to get amazing and that New York has great things in store for it (it will be a city of light). She also said this week that the microchip is not the mark of the beast so don’t let that scare us. I live both prophets. Which one is correct? Any thoughts?