S1: Muslim, Parsi, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Jew, Buddhist | India's Hindus Keep Us Safe


The Festival of Bharat – Series 1: Madhu Kishwar and Ashish Dhar talk about some of the most pressing issues facing Indians – and global citizens – today.

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The Festival of Bharat

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    Hindus has given refuge to all and still Hindus are called communal!

  2. raju ji says:

    Jains are so closely intertwined with Hindus !! So don't bracket us in this. Most jains were basically Hindu converts !!

  3. ilk d says:

    Why congress didnot protect secularism in Kashmir?Who is butcher of Kashmir? Abdullah?

  4. Bikash Das says:

    @1:48   –   THIS is THE FOUNDATING PRINCIPLES on which THE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ON "WAR CRIMES" IS BASED ON   –  Another "GIFT OF INDIA" to the WORLD. This is WHY an ENGLISH SOLDIER was IMPRISIONED FOR 14 YEARS because he "SHOT" an "UNARMED" TALIBAN FIGHTER because the English soldier believed that the Taliban fighter might have had a "suicide vest", BUT HIS "UNIT COMMANDER" CHARGED HIM and on his arrival to the UK he was sent to PRISON where, if I am not mistaken, he served 7 years!!!

  5. john loures says:

    One day the converted Indian Muslims, Christians and others will wake up and find their roots back to Hinduism, as their blood line has been Hinduism since it is the religion of eternity.

  6. Buddha Vivekanand says:

    Hindus r the creator of Dharma, Ved, Vedant, Upnishad, Sanskrit.. No Hindus No Dharma & No Humanity

  7. Buddha Vivekanand says:

    Hindus have Forgotten how to eliminate Rakshas, Asurs, Daanav, Dettya & Demons like our Kshatriya Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Bhim, Arjun…

  8. Glen Jeremiah says:

    The facts is Hindus lacked knowledge and were attracted to people who entered India doing business and some settled here an educated them, invaders were later. If not mistaken they were easily made to believe these are Gods naming it to them.

  9. rajeev ranjan says:

    We Indian paid due to high moral

  10. Sonu Shet says:

    Make India Hindu Rashtra.

    If there is no Hindu there will be no Hindustan.

  11. Bahubali Janaj says:

    S0unjanya b janan

  12. Ritesh Kumar says:

    Thanks ma'am

  13. Ritesh Kumar says:

    I got tears in my eyes, when you said some lines about Sanatan Dharma.
    We Hindus know that every path will go to the supreme god via humanity.

  14. Mario Duddu says:

    Ancient Hindu cultures were interwoven in spirituality and mysticism. Our ancient spiritual roots were truly pioneering and great. They were tolerant cultures and the real Sanathana dharma was different from what we now call "Hindu Dharma".
    There is a popular misconception about the word "Dharma".
    "Dharma" is another word for "Religion", like Bouddha Dharma, Vaishnava Dharma, Jaina Dharma, etc. We Hindus have many native religions such as Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. Then there came another religion called Brahminism, whose other name is Varna Dharma. With the advent of this dharma, most hindu religions have lost their identity. Varna Dharma is a structured religion that segregates society into different classes. Contrary to the common belief, it is NOT caste-based, but class-based and discriminative. It is a religion of the Brahmins, by the Brahmins and for the Brahmins. This dharma is less about spirituality and more about society & social structure. Spirituality is exclusively for Brahmins and denied to others. Rama is deified and glorified by Brahmins because he supposedly implemented this dharma in his kingdom effectively and ruthlessly (refer to Ramayana).
    With the advance of this Dharma, many small nations and republican countries were conquered by kings who established their kingdoms. There was genocide on large scale and entire populations were displaced. Some people got integrated into the new setup, some sought refuge in other religions, some fled to distant lands (Gypsies) and those who remained ended up as untouchable classes according to this "Dharma".
    If you look carefully, you will realize that present day "Hindu Dharma" is nothing but "Varna Dharma" in disguise. This is the real reason why recently, untouchables, Christians & Muslims are being attacked and subdued by fundamental elements of this religion (Drama). After all they are simply following their faith, which incidentally appears to be similar to Islamic ideology.
    I wish people will be able to distinguish between our great tolerant culture and this discriminative religion called "Hindu Dharma".

  15. Ritesh Patel says:

    What other religions give to Hinduism?…… Nothing

  16. ROHIT RAJ says:

    No iswar Allah not tero naam read kuran Allah is evil ….

  17. sri j says:

    Hindus should wake up. We are too too much good with converted Christian's and muslims.Follow our dharma if they do wrong punish them harshly.sitting in our lap as and they had gone to our head and trying to crush us.things have changed.

  18. Truth begins with U says:

    Don't confuse between Santana dharma and Hinduism
    Sanatana dharma just have faith in Vedas Upanishads darshanas
    Hinduism Buddhism Jainism and Sikhism are the branches of #sanatana #dharma

  19. Babita Ghosh says:

    Hindu had very bad phase at time sikhs mass murder , Or kashmir pandits killings but we maintained calmness and brother hood, must yes justice must be given

  20. Babita Ghosh says:

    Hindu has been secular, believe in democracy, we don't believe in conversion but humanity's

  21. Alok Kumar says:

    Another great presentation

  22. vairagya sangeet says:

    Muslims should take a DNA test and know the fact they are Hindu….

  23. Moderate Hindu Critic says:

    It is sad to note that some sections of the media purposely cause division among people in India where all live harmoniously even from various religious traditions. Nowhere in the world this exists. There is tolerance and if any violence erupts, it is instigated by people with vested interests. Though I am not an Indian by citizenship, my forefathers about 37 generations ago had lived in Kanyakubj and fled the atrocities of the Muslim rulers to safer locations where they could live in freedom from oppression.