Response To: "Why Did White People Remake The Bible For The Betterment Of Black People"

Twan The Stone

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  1. niksobessed Yes says:

    Check out Marcus Rogers

  2. Terry Weaver says:

    First, any alterations were NOT done by White people, but CERTAIN people, most likely White skinned, and certainly Elite people. Thus you began this video with an outright LIE. Exactly what happens when the smoke clears and y'all discover the Bible was not as changed as you wanted? See, according to an objective view point it is quite apparent that y'all are trying every thing possible to alter the Bible to fit Your desires and not truth.
    . Next, please inform us how it can be that the One True God could judge anyone when his Living Word was altered beyond recognition? Moreover, who is this God y'all follow that is all powerful yet could not maintain the integrity of his Living Word? Many FBHIs (Fake Black Hebrew Israelites) claim the Word of God has been altered beyond recognition, yet y'all want to alter it more and with prejudice? And it gets worse… Since y'all figure it is up to you to re-alter God's Living Word because God is not powerful enough… Then y'all MUST consider yourselves more powerful than God. Note should also be taken that This Living Word of God is the most unchanged book ever written. Thus, Sorry, but you are in error.
    Thus… According to you people… "The dumbest race of people on the planet." You are the only ones smart enough to correct the insanely inaccurate yet most unchanged book in history, because the All powerful God could not do this. So… Now… Y'all claim y'all are more powerful and smarter than God. Good luck with that lunacy.

  3. revo says:

    Rhetoric and personal opinion at it's best..WTH are up talking about, you are all over the place.. There's nothing cohesive about what you are saying.. We are not ONE of the SAME.. He made man after their own KIND.. We are man kind but not the same kind of people. It's ALWAYS been about the strife of JACOB/ESAU..Black and White..
    That book is about the past and future encounters of the NEGROES, the ISRAELITES.
    That book you possess you clearly have no understanding of..

  4. Rob Koch says:

    Super video brother.

  5. Leah Hunter says:

    The internet I believe , is a new tree of knowledge of good and evil. We all have unknowingly taken a bite.

  6. G Man says:

    Tell it like it is.

  7. jeff wrench says:

    i feel like some people out there like to create division amongst all of us because it continues the narative of seperation because if we all joined together theyd have alot to fear at that point.