Relationship & Love: Judah Smith | Christianity Chats

Another Christianity Chat today, Judah Smith chats about how Christianity is about having a relationship with God rather than full of rules and restrictions. I included a really powerful talk by Judah Smith called Loophole of Love, rather long but it was so good! Just my thoughts and interests, I’m not forcing my views on anyone, love you all the same x
Here’s the link:

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  1. cc x says:

    I loved this video!! Yay to Christian talks… Love you Robyn

  2. Dash Syri says:

    I wish Judah's words were true. Christianity is a religion filled with rules. I interned at Judah's church in Kirkland, WA. There was a demand for purity. Wes Dunn works for the church and who Judah has personally disciple. He told me that I would be kicked out of their internship for drinking and dating. I was reprimanded for saying "hell yeah" because the church believed it was cussing. They also required you to give 10% of your income to the church. After I ended my internship I was kick out of my cadre (small or cell group run by the church) for drinking. I've sat and listen to many of Judah's rules for Christian dating. You do have to change your behavior and life if you want to be apart of their church. You have to follow their rules. So it is a religion. I didn't find the freedom that they often preach about only behavior modifications and oppression. I'm all for people finding Jesus and God on their own but when you have to conform to their standards to be involved it is a religion.

    While I never got high up in the church. I still know and are friends with people whom i grew up with who have served as campus and mission pastors. Some of which has gone on to work at Hillsong.

  3. Rachel Bessire says:

    That's so cool that you found Judah Smith's sermons! I lived in Seattle for my undergrad and visited City Church and got to see him in person! He is one of the best pastors in Seattle.

  4. Dragomir Zarev says:

    Who said that we don't enjoy her making youtube videos? C'mon now gather your thoughts please and don't spit everywhere cause it is contagious. And these comments are not discouraging, they are comments okay? They are opinions and different views. On top of that there is nothing like you believe in that, I believe in that, he believies in that… there is only one truth and I am not saying it is anybody's but suggesting that people should expand their view by reading books and comparing them…

  5. Rebecca McIntosh says:

    I know you get some discouraging comments, Robyn, but I appreciate these "Christianity Chats" type videos! much love <3

  6. James Adcock says:

    I prefer your Apple crumble

  7. Meglos says:

    This is really sad, not to offend you but you seem ignorant and will follow the majority without question. This is the exact same as veganism, I assume you did research into the meat, dairy and egg industry before becoming vegan. All I ask is that you do research and look at the rational arguments for and against a belief in God. This is exactly what I did, I was a Christian, I went to church every week and was involved with the church group in my school. One day I asked myself, why? Why do I believe in God? I challenged something that had been engrained into me since birth. Don't conform to what you are told, do your own research into everything.

  8. Fruit Beast says:

    Oh great, you're in a cult with rapists and murderers. Be careful at your church. It's sad really. Give it up, do some real research. I'm not totally blaming you because you were conditioned, but just like you broke a paradigm and became vegan, you can also break from that horrendous mind control cult as well.

  9. Li-San Loves says:

    Judah Smith has been a guest speaker at my church in Sydney before. He's a great speaker. It would be cool to visit his church one day in Seattle. The amazing thing about being a Christian is that we are under grace. We don't do good works to deserve salvation, but do them out of abundant gratitude and sense of eternal purpose.

  10. Dragomir Zarev says:

    Okay, I would shoot blindly and say confidently that this guy is possesed. Even if you have not read the holy books you should know by common senese that God is one and the messiahs throughout the time were God's reminder but all that praise to Jesus and making him a God is a nonsense. I mean churches and special items, and holy spirits… all of this is to blind you from believing in the real God. They try to deceive the mass in order to get advantage of the spiritual war. My suggestion is enhance your knowledge by reading books, reflect upon it, analyse and expose the shills. Obviously, these times are tough and you have to do it by yourself rather than trusting some guys chatting random stuff.

    and you are beautiful by the way.