Reiki Healing Tips: Simple But Powerful Reiki Tips

Learn Reiki Healing (The Free & Simple Way)…

Whether you’re intending to use reiki healing on yourself (this is called self healing), with clients or even through distance healing then there are some things that you are going to want to know to make sure that you’re healing is effective.

In this video we’ll share and go over some of the most powerful reiki healing tips that can be used to ensure that you’re reiki sessions are performed properly so that results can be maximized.

Some of these tips include things like practicing regularly (particularly when you are just starting out), getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing a variety of things that help to cleanse your chakras.

The simple process of going through our everyday life can easily lead us to picking up a lot of negative energy and by the end of the day it’s possible to lose this energy but with tips that we will share in this video you’ll be able to reduce your negative energies and restore the positivity in your life.

Reiki Guide

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  1. Tracyseas says:

    Did she say wakey skills? 0:57

  2. Disha Banerjee says:

    Wd love to do the crash course

  3. Leen says:

    My reiki master says that reattunement is not necessary. She went without practice for 7 years after being attuned and it still came back when she needed it.

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    Reiki is a powerful spiritual practice which enhances positive energies in order to remove negativity around you. Reiki power releases healing energies to cure blocked and stagnant areas. After having this knowledge under proper guidance you will surely attain the ability to heal almost anything and anyone. You can heal humans, plants, animals, nature, removes all kinds of negativity at your place etc. The whole universe comes under reiki because it is an infinite energy beyond boundaries. Reiki is a seed which will grow in your life like a remedy tree giving you fruitful benefits by removing all sorts problems and boost success, health and prosperity in life.


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  7. Susie Arviso says:

    What's next? How to find answers on the Quija Board?"

  8. LittleLulubee says:

    The music is so annoying, I can't even listen

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  11. MadnZz says:

    Here's another good tip, whenever you do self/therapy, chant the name of God in whatever religion you like (allahu akbar, lord jesus christ have mercy on me, [your name], Ohm mantra). And let the energy flow THROUGH you, not FROM you.

  12. Renee S says:

    A whole healing session in 15 minutes?! Not in my experience. The vast majority of patients seeking Reiki are in advanced dis-ease and need at least 45 minutes for a noticably helpful first session. Maybe 15 minutes would be enough if the patient is in maintenance & also practicing excellent self care between treatments.

  13. siya singh says:

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  14. Andrej Kozelj says:

    You do not need to be attuned again to Reiki as that is with you always. Also, I fail to see why you are showing in the video clip people being massaged as this has nothing to do with Reiki at all. The only aspect I agree is that any Reiki students at the start do their Self-Treatment for 21 days to start to allow the Universal Energy to help clean and cleanse themselves first after that this self-treatment should become a daily practice regardless of what level you are at with Reiki.

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  16. Rajani Doke says:

    Reiki master is very good and helpful

  17. nodens30 says:

    Sorry but I disagree. Once attuned you don’t need to be again. Reiki stays with you.

  18. preeya lachmansingh says:

    Too gud

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  21. Rehana Ajmal says:

    I live in Pakistan city Lahore I need rieki healing I stress depression headache pain in my body

  22. Mad Monkee says:

    "It may be necessary for reattunement" Bullshit. Once attuned, you're attuned, forever. ¿Been a long time since you've practiced? Start practicing again. The energy will flow.
    Reattunement is beneficial, but never necessary.

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