REAL FAITH vs Bible Faith

People use inflection to change the meaning of words.
Inflect = To vary a word by inflection or to change (the form of a word) by inflection.
To change (the voice) in tone or pitch; modulate
To cause to deviate from a straight or normal line or course;
In the New Covenant we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the bible.
I was searching for truth when Jesus told me, “The bible is an idol” which completely changed my direction. After that I only sought for Him in the Spirit and He has taught me many things on life’s journey. The most important of which is that He died so we could be regenerated by the Holy Spirit into sons and daughters of God. The gospel is simple, repent from living after the flesh, ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit and then be led and controlled by Him through the Spirit. The bible is only history and has absolutely no authority from God, the outward law was under the old covenant. Jesus died to redeem us from the curse of the written law because we were unable to keep it. The New Covenant is not written with ink, it is written in our heart by the Spirit of the Living God.
Have a great journey through life with the Living Christ guiding you.
When Jesus words are written down and Satan is using them, then the bible becomes the word of Satan.
Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope). King James (2nd) beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control people with, an image of God’s word they make to speak (the bible says). By having faith in this idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit, who is the true word of God.
Ask Jesus -Yeshua for the Holy Spirit.
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  1. Kevin Chappell says:

    Holy Ghost. Whole lee g-host.

    Mother and Father

  2. Guy says:

    Oops! Where are my manners?
    Thank you Harland and Diana for this msg.
    Bless you both in Jesus name.

  3. Guy says:

    It makes sense to listen to the Holy Spirit rather than have man give his interpretation in the scriptures. Jesus will never mislead us. Praise the Lord!!!

  4. Jesus Walks says:

    You keep saying the the Bible is evil yet you keep quoting it, do you not see this?

  5. Eli Lindsey says:

    the Holy Spirit has been giving me commands to wear long wogs and grow my hair long as well as sometimes wear certain makeup and the holy spirit has told me many things that all of the Bible faith people I know will attack me for but Jesus is my Shepard and I will carry on and do what he tells me to AMEN but if the Holy Spirit tell anyone who sees this different about what the the Holy Ghost is telling me to do let me know

  6. YliyahMessageTime says:

    There was NO BIBLE people could easily access for thousands of years.

  7. Nobody says:

    This is intriguing, I have never heard this before. I want to know more. Teach me.

  8. cerT seeSally c.f.Parchment says:

    thank God for you brother and sister Diana for the good news my eyes have been open to the light. now more bible and church i put the Bible in the trash. brother is see you in my dream going to pray for me can you have the holy spirit without speaking in tongue? I have a lot of dreams of jesus open the cloud and show his face to me can I take the Lord supper without the holy spirit? pray for me to receive the holy spirit the enemy is attacking . but I am not giving up brother keep up the good work in pray for God to give you strength long life i live you're message.

  9. Thomas Puahanikeni says:

    Bible has the truth but the translation by the church make a lot of differences.

  10. Jorgee MCoth says:

    I do so look forward to these videos, peace and love be with you both in Yeshua.

  11. Юрий Москвитин says:

    Хорошо, что у вас есть Святой Дух, возможность проповедовать в церкви, чтобы доказать всем людям, что Библия является кумиром зверя. It's good that you have the Holy Spirit, the opportunity to preach in the church to prove to all people that the Bible is the idol of the beast. Быв же спрошен фарисеями, когда придет Царствие Божие, отвечал им: не придет Царствие Божие приметным образом, и не скажут: «вот, оно здесь», или: «вот, там». Ибо вот, Царствие Божие внутрь вас есть. Луки 17:20,21. When the Pharisees asked when the Kingdom of God would come, he answered them, "the Kingdom of God will not come in a discernible way, and they will not say,' behold, it is here, '" or, behold, there." For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:20,21.

  12. PutDownTheBook says:

    Excellent message, peace and love in Jesus Christ.

  13. Mariya says:

    It depends what bible you are reading. Paul is the only confuser who invented his own jesus and his own book that contradicts Torah. Are you against Torah? I think Torah's prophets were sent by Elohim and to say that the letter is dead is like to say that the teaching is dead. And guess where Messiah was teaching from? Teachings based on TORAH!

  14. Tiffany Anderson says:

    Blessed Yeshua, thank you so much for your mercy and sending us this message. Thank you for the Holy Spirit. I praise you Lord, for you are the King of Kings, Lord of Lord's, my Creator, author and finisher of my Faith, my salvation, and my foundation, my teacher, and my keeper. You are ALL that is Holy and Good. Thank you for the plain Truth. God bless you brother and sister in Christ Yeshua.

  15. Etukoit Bosco says:

    Sincerely The Just shall live by faith which is, that is obeying the Spirit instructions not by sight which is dead letter the bible, thank you for this video.

  16. Laura De La Garza says:

    GOOD MORNING…..thanks to your videos…now I have REAL FAITH..what a BLESSING… I hope that you both have a great day…GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AND PEACE AND LOVE IN YESHUA 🙂

  17. BIBLEisMARKofBEAST says:

    Thank all of you that love the Lord in Spirit and truth.
    We appreciate your comments and love you in the Spirit as does the FATHER and the SON. We pray for you daily.
    And for those of you that do not love the FATHER and the SON in the SPIRIT and TRUTH, but put your faith in the dead letter bible, you too have an opportunity to redirect your faith from your idol book and come to HIM in the Spirit.
    The Father and the Son sent us as a witness to tell you this truth that can turn you from the power of Satan to the FATHER.
    This is a True Message from the Living Creator and you will stand before HIM in judgment and He will tell you this truth.
    We hope you choose life and not death.