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  1. andi butrus says:

    Ya the assyrians 60000 years no one took it that far like us and we will rise again

  2. in777sight says:

    Babylon is the ruler of earth gained by war. The Harlot is nuclear power that rules earth as 7 nuclear empowered nations sit in the positions of rule. The nuclear industry is a city as is connects homes and industry supplying electricity a cheap source of profit for merchants. It is desired for medical healing with x-rays and chemo. The power plant sits as a queen saying she is perfectly safe for the people she serves and that she will never be a widow because no harm will happen to the men that supply her needs. She is always built by water to cool her rods. But she will be a prime war target and will utterly burn with fire when attacked. People will be at the mercy of unmerciful and unstoppable radiation. The unquenchable fire of Hell is nuclear fission, it eats atoms. The harlot daughter made from waste that all the kings of the world desire is a thermonuclear missile made from MOX, nuclear waste. Rulers pay huge amounts of money for that harlot that will kill them. The Antichrist is 100% a religious leader but that leader does not believe that Jesus is anythng but prophet, not a son of God. Wisdom is simplicity. What is countable in a name? Letters. Count the number of letters in six hundred threescore and six then you know the number of letters in the name/title of the Antichrist.
    Have you ever listened to the Word of God? Jesus said there is no water of salvation in the well of Jacob=Israel=Abraham.
    God is TRUTH. Truth should never die so a lie can call itself truth. The forbidden fruit is a lie believed as truth and a lie only glorifies the liar. The Liar is Satan. Paul is a Pharisee liar that helped kill truth, being blinded by it and tells people killing truth is desired by his God for removal of sin. Killing truth does not remove a lie. Killing truth serves the lie, Satan. God did not send His beloved Son Jesus to earth to teach truth to be killed for teaching truth. Human Sacrificers to their God are mentally ill demons that serve Satan, the lie. John the Baptist is the Lamb sent by God to remove sin= lies, with water Baptism the truth of mercy not death. Abraham is the unsaved Lamb slain from the beginning of his lie of being the only blessed bloodline of God and creating his lie of a covenant with God. Jesus said Abraham never heard anything from God. Belief in Abrahams lies destroy the entire earth because 3 powerful religions, the tree with Abraham as a root that have no fruit, no next generation, hate each other but love Abrahams lies. When the disbedient servant refuses to stop belief in Abraham and wants his lies to bear fruit, the tree is dunged. That dung is MOX, nuclear waste carried in hateful birds, Seraphim, 6 winged fighter Jets like a F-35, as thermonuclear missiles are the war that is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
    Jesus is the Son of God that serves God only. The son of Man is the Antichrist that claims to be the Christ taking the name of Jesus but is a liar and a killer. Jesus warned this lying prince would come with nothing in him. No love, no mercy and no eternal life.The liar invents a glorious kingdom to get men to fight, kill for it. The Angels in Revelation are fallen angels, killers and the Lord is the ruler that commands kill my enemies. People know not God if they think God has vengence. The pagan, child killing relgion a cruel, hateful man named Abraham, invented a vengeful God and that son of man serves that talking snake fairytale with murder of all life on earth. Do you care what the ants on the sidewalk think of you? Do you demand they collect and worship you? Then you are created in the image of God. Humans are just not that important in the grand universe. We are a tiny speck of dust planet with species that are killers. The miracle is that God sent Jesus to warn us of self destruction at all. Jesus is not a killer. Jesus rescues only and kills no one doing it. If you think Jesus is a killer then you serve Satan.
    China is the Red Dragon and the rider on the black horse of the Apocalypse over fear of future famine because their population is so large( they want all of the fishing rights to the South China Sea) and also they want control of world economy having it based on their currency. They are preparing to fight the Sea Beast portion of the final war on earth. This portion of war has nothing to do with religion, oil and wine are religious symbols. 4 stand before the throne of God which represents the power to rule over earth but Holy is called out 3 times not 4. One cause of the Apocalypse is only over economic greed of China. Islam is the rider on the pale green horse of death starting the Beast, nuclear war over religion. The Beast is nuclear war and all components of it. The first Beast was WW2 because the Atomic bomb was used to end it and all the world wondered about the power of that weapon so the nuclear race began. Japan, an aggressive Head nation recovered from the atomic wound that healed and Japan is once again a Head nation facing conflict, this time with China over claims to islands and resources. The United States is a Horn in treaty to fight with the Head, aggressor nation in dispute, Japan. Now, China, the Red Dragon, will use nukes first and will draw with it's tail, 3 other nuclear empowered nations to follow their lead and retaliate with thermonuclear weapons. It looks like the USA will be one of these. But there are 2 others. Do you think Russia will stay out of this portion of conflict or will Russia fight the US because they are a Horn for China, in treaty with them? Russia may want to focus only on the religious war in the East thinking China is powerful enough to fight it's own battles. Or Russia may see the opportunity to help take the Aggressor China down that wants Russia to serve them in the future . Russia gains nothing by allowing China to own rights to the entire South China Sea. A third of the sea will become blood because a third of the sea becomes a battlefield. North Korea could be a pawn of the Red Dragon using nukes or North Korea may surprise everyone and stay out of it to allow the larger nations to weaken each other. Or North Korea may represent the Red Dragon as it serves starting the first nuclear launch of the Sea Beast portion of WW3 and China may let their servant pawn fall first. Actually, it does not matter what nations support each other because the 8th Head is Nuclear War personified and it wins by deceit because man thought he could gain control of the world when it is Nuclear War and it's radiation that will control and rule the lives of everyone on the planet. The "one to come" as a result is nuclear winter. Nuclear War and Nuclear Winter are the 2 Heads that win Nuclear WW3. I think this is because concussion from battle( with one missile having the power of 1,000,000 Tons of TNT) will cause plate tectontic movement along the ring of fire. I have a bad feeling about Tonga, the super volcano that almost wiped out our specie the last time it erupted. That will wipe out the sun with smoke circling the globe. Tonga could erupt as a result of concussion, thermonuclear war in the Sea Beast, nuclear war in the South China Sea. Everything man fights the war to gain will be lost from the war itself. Merchants will stand back and lament over the life they will never have again. No one survives the oceans freezing solid in nuclear winter. There will be no more sea, water, because all there will be is ICE. Be taken off the planet by Jesus or die on it.
    Jesus left earth to prepare a place in a new solar system, new heaven, so humans do not go extinct in Gods' house, the universe, because they never live in this mansion called Earth again. May we all be worthy to represent our specie. Only the merciful receive mercy. Amen.


    They called good evil and evil good. Roe vs Wade, pornography, lgbt. Men and women's souls are bought and sold on the marketplace. It's crazy that people don't recognize this very obvious fact, plus Mandela effect/Thessalonians 2, the great delusion… Most people don't know the Bible, and that's their first mistake. It's crazy how spot on the holy book is and how little credit people will give it.

  4. Patriotic Insurgent says:

    God has told me to flee the U.S. by June 2018
    Here is the spoken word God has given me to share:

  5. Honey Pie says:

    The history of Saudi Arabia in its current form as a state began with its foundation in 1930. Think again.

  6. Mark Dilley says:

    AMEN BROTHER YOU ARE TEACHING THE TRUTH AND ONE OF THE FEW WHO ARE!!!!!!! There are two major false beliefs/teachings in the churches today (1) America is not in Bible Prophecy and (2) Pre-trib or mid-trib rapture of the church and the idea that this doesn't matter
    The United States In Bible Prophecy

    AMERICA'S DESTINY IN BIBLE PROPHECY VIDEO 2, Who is the woman of Rev 17 and 18 and what is written on her head Rev 17:5

    Betrayed By The Secret Rapture By Kimberly Rogers

    What must happen first before we are gathered back to the LORD!! and and and and
    Watch, read and study then Copy, paste and share to expose false teachings

  7. Allen Knox says:

    People who can't see the truth through the evidence presented, must have a analysis disability.

  8. Truth Finder says:

    Yes, lost of evidence that America is Babylon:

  9. Kim Rebley says:

    Suadai Arabia reigns over the USA who is drink with the wine of her fornication. Making the USA rich

  10. Abraham Philip says:

    Very few people speak the truth of Babylon (America). Babylon is fallen, is fallen, Physically & Spiritually.
    To the prophecy of spiritually "Sodom & Egypt" protestant America underscored in the beliefs of Egypt, reveals the same underlying beliefs off the Pharisees(Zionists) that crucified Christ.
    NEW YORK one of the 3 parts that Babylon is spiritually divided/The Capitol of Sodom/ The Whore of Babylon, set for destruction, even as the saints of the most high cry out for vengeance.
    To the many alters figured in the free masonic Israeli supreme court (in the absence of the temple) to the hindu Vishnu Lo EGYPT – holy cow, revealed by the transgenderd one under the " Birds Foot" atop the same freemasonic US Capitol Dome in its works of "Intimidation & Seduction" housing & governing the two houses of the US Congress underscored in "Violence & Sodom" resp.unto the prophecy of the days of "Noe & Lot" when it was the same Violence & Sodom that caused the Two utter destructions then.

  11. Dustin Hogan says:

    powerful stuff, fuck face

  12. nikki Poljak says:

    Australia is younger

  13. Matthew Ford says:

    I encourage you to stay away from this teacher. He happens to be correct here, but this church lacks love and forgiveness.

  14. Roto Rooter says:

    America is going to be destroyed

  15. WakingBrideOfTheKing says:

    These are indisputable facts. Excellent.

  16. Jen A says:



  17. TheRescueOfTheBride says:

    I examine near term (fewer than 59 days from today) prophecy in detail at "The Rescue of the Bride" The Great Sign of the Woman appears on September 23, 2017 exactly at sunset in Jerusalem – exactly at the end of Rosh Ha Shanah, exactly at the time of the blowing of "the last trump." [The two (2) day observance will start one day late this year.] In my opinion, this is a likely "rescue" date. We see the first evidence that the "rescue" has occurred when "The Great Multitude in White Robes" [Revelation 7:9ff] appears in the throne room of Yahuah (God) twelve (12) days later just after the opening of the Sixth Seal on October 5, 2017. These events allow us to unlock the timeline of the Book of Revelation.