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    I agree and believe and receive in Jesus name.Amen.

  2. Dewondr Cropprue says:

    I come in agreement with Evangelist Gabriel and I believe and I receive in the name of Jesus Amen and Amen hallelujah

  3. Keith Solan says:

    I agreed and I am blessed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  4. Theresa Campbell says:


  5. angela n says:

    Amen Amen

  6. Jan-neil Dull says:

    I agree in Jesus name amen

  7. Godturneditaround! says:

    I agree

  8. Maurice Robinson says:

    I agree in Jesus name and receive.

  9. Ujunwa Anaedo says:

    I agree and connect with faith as I pray along with evangelist G.f. Amen

  10. Jeannine Km says:

    I believed and agree Amen

  11. Bharat Parekh says:

    I agree – Amen

  12. Haridas Kwiitu says:

    I agree with Evangelist Gabrielle fernades believe and i receive in the mighty name of JESUS Amen and Amen.

  13. Kenya Miller says:

    I agree

  14. Rafaielaprincess says:

    I believe and I shall received In the Mighty Name Of JESUS AMEN AND AMEN!!!

  15. Lakisha Porch says:

    I receive, believe, and stand in agreement in Jesus Christ name, Amen!

  16. Francesca For says:

    I agree in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

  17. Chrystal Joseph says:

    I agree, believe and receive it Amen

  18. Nilayia Mcgirt says:

    I'm here in agreement in Jesus name amen. Millville NJ USA

  19. Eric Laporte says:

    I agree and receive here in RUTLAND Vermont praise you jesus

  20. Ruth Richards says:

    I agree!

  21. Srijana Gurung says:

    I agreed with him

  22. Piyali Khare says:

    in agreement father

  23. Brad Goode says:

    I agree an receive an believe in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen Amen Amen

  24. Corlene Bulgin says:

    I believe and with faith receive

  25. Keagan Coleman says:

    Zakiya Skyler Coleman,Peter Sidney Coleman,Geraldine Joyce Coleman, Tyrell Tavern Coleman and Keagan Michael Coleman agree in Jesus Christ of Nazareth name Amen.

  26. Nancy Mutsvanga says:

    I agree Evangelist that God's grace will not end. Thank you for the powerful prayers.

  27. Isabella Desouza says:

    I agree with u in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  28. Akilah Wallace says:

    I am set free a certain person amen

  29. Valsa Abraham says:


  30. Anthony Gatewood says:

    I agree

  31. Anthony Gatewood says:


  32. DandeeDonna says:

    I Agree in the Name of JESUS ☺

  33. Terri Ann says:

    I agree and believe and receive in Jesus mighty name

  34. Arpita Mallick says:

    I agree with this blessing in the mighty name of the Jesus amen praise the lord

  35. Victoria Rehemah says:

    I agree and believe in Jesus name…. God will increase my potentiol through his power…. do what only u can do Lord…. am ready to have Jesus every minutes in my life…. be blessed alot GFM. ..

  36. faris Antony says:

    I believe
    I agree with you sir

  37. Shelmah Kongo says:

    i come in agreement with evangelist gabriel to believe in jesus name amen

  38. Chandrika TilaK says:

    Thank you God! You are my fortress and my hope! I trust you and believe in you! I praise and glorify you for everything in the of Jesus christ!! God bless everyone!

  39. Audrey Bryant says:

    I. Agree.n the name of jesus.Audrey n Usa