Prayer, The Reality Of It

Quantum physics and the influencing of reality by thought is a key to prayer, I understand. Sure, in some ways that may sound ridiculous, indeed though, I am simply saying with that statement that there is more to reality than just what we all see at the surface. If we look even a little bit below the surface, there is reasonably more to it all than what we simply perceive. Crisis points, decision points, reality checks and things happening are made to make us grow, not make us shrink when we really live them for what they are. Sure, we can take all the precautions in existence, but when it is time to grow, it is time to grow, we must make a decision.

So, it is not good just to panic and pray, then expect God, the powers behind existence, nature or luck to do it all. We must do things in line with our prayer in order to receive what we are praying for genuinely. Success and growth always come with a price, and that price can be named succinctly: We must have a courageous growth consciousness, not a shrinking failure consciousness and we must genuinely change our views at shallow and deep levels. We must view failure as a stepping stone to future success and not as final. We must be driven from within, not from without. This is the key reality to prayer. In fact, I can say that the above paragraph is the key to genuine courage. We must be willing to genuinely pay the price in order to get the benefit. Nothing worthwhile is really free without effort or cost.

If answered prayer does not take realistic positive effort before it is answered on our part, why should we even have an intention? The intention and attitude before a prayer is the key to it. I will leave that right there and let you come to your own conclusions. So, I will say this with loaded language: Good intentions equal good results, bad intentions ultimately yield bad results. Reality comes down to that statement, if it did not, “the easy way without effort or commitment and courage would always work without effort”. The only way to deal with reality, really, is to be honest with yourself. Without that honesty, you do end up a loser. With that honesty and forthright willingness to effort, you do become a winner always. That is the nature of prayer in my reality at least, take it or leave it, but use it for your individual enrichment.

By Joshua Clayton

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