Prayer for Healing with John Mellor – Australian Christian Healing Ministry

John Mellor prays a 2 minute prayer for healing. As an act of faith, put your hand on your area of need and believe Jesus for your healing, whether it be physical, emotional or mental. The backdrop for this video is historic Dunnottar castle in Scotland.
You will also find a 10 minute prayer for healing elsewhere on our YouTube Channel and two prayers for healing in Spanish.
John Mellor healing evangelist sees miracles and healings wherever he goes. John believes that miracles and supernatural healings are because Jesus is alive and still heals today. We just have to believe that Jesus still heals and we can reach out to Him for a miracle. So if you need a miracle healing reach out to the healer Jesus!
See all the healings and miracles on our web site by just searching ‘john mellor healing’. Healing is for today!

John Mellor

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  1. Louise Blackman says:

    I now listen to your videos everyday. Thank you for what you are doing.

  2. Anne Araza says:

    i believe in jesus name im healed

  3. shortslovesmjj says:

    Thank you for doing this for people it is very kind of you. Amen

  4. Dotty Edgerton says:

    Thank you John, for believing and standing with Jesus. He wants to heal!

  5. sunshine00241 says:

    Thank you my Lord I receive the healing

  6. God is Good All the Time Kuwait says:

    Amen.. Thank you Jesus to your Healing Power..

  7. Foxpowers says:

    Amen God be with us always . Thank you John mellor for your wonderfull prayeings ..and thank you Jesus
    For healing the pain on people God bless all .

  8. bxgirly 4Christ says:

    Thank you Jesus! Yes you are the Great Iam! You are our physician I truly believe in you Lord! ThAnk you for your healing power upon us Lord In Jesus Name Amen!

  9. Tracey C says:

    The only time I am moved to tears is when I am touch by the LORD himself… AMEN  to the touch and healing of our lord JESUS christ.  THANK YOU

  10. Angel Child says:

    Thank you Jesus, I praise your name.  Wonderful Savior!

  11. Ravanan Raju says:

    Praise the Lord…. jesus please cure my body weakness and also help my family and on the whole world. Jesus I trust in my whole life….amen..amen….amen.

  12. Carola Wingert says:

    Amen Thank you Lord Jesus

  13. Aimee Montgomery says:

    Great video! Glad I found your channel!

  14. jansaliten mra says:

    Thank U for this clip. I did as you said and Gods spirit touched me . Thank U Jesus for healing!

  15. kingCong3e says:

    Please help me Lord. Bless me with your grace

  16. Batista Simeon says:

    Thank you brother for the words

  17. Bo Hector says:

    Praise God, thank You Jesus. I can testify that the power of prayer truly works because I am living proof. I had a massive heart attack several years ago where three different cardiologists stated that people don't survive the type of heart attack I had? Jesus also healed me in 2007 when I was deathly ill with Pancreatitis and I'm here to tell you that God Almighty, our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is the great Healer!!! Praise God!

  18. UToobUsername01 says:

    I love this guy. I'm going to add this to my favorites. I wish I could see him more often.
    I preyed recently for rain to stop so I could finish some lawn mowing and asked for the sun to come out on a very cloudy day, and the sun came through about 5 minutes after I had prayed for more time to get the work done. hah.
    Prayer is powerful. We all need to pray for the sick often not just for ourself.
    I finished reading his books and I am amazed by his story.

  19. italiandiva013 says:

    Thank you John for this prayer and thank YOU Jesus for everything you have blessed me with..I LOVE "YOU JESUS"!!!

  20. italiandiva013 says:

    Thank you John for this most powerful prayer..much
    appreciated! I will continye to say this prayer for me and others who are much need of this..God Bless..!

  21. Raj Basavaraj says:

    Thanks for this video John, I will make a good use of this video. God bless

  22. The Baskerwille says:

    This video-praying healed my spine in less than a minute. Thank you John for the pray, and thank you Jesus for the healing.

  23. UToobUsername01 says:

    I went to 2 meetings of his and got my stomach healed. I have pressure in my left side that was relieved a bit. Bought 2 of his books so far. I subbed and will probably end up playing this vid once a day. So glad to have met him. I love the supernatural side to getting healed. The natural side is explained in his second book to look after your body to ensure healing is not blocked. (eat right and maybe those suffering cancer can help themselves heal through better diet)

  24. Mended And Whole says:

    Thank You for this awesome anointed prayer for the sick!
    I felt the strong power and loving warmth of the Holy Spirit as soon as you started to pray.
    Sweet hot healing tears fell on my blouse… the love and compassion of The Lord is so overwhelming and awesome!
    Thank you man of God!!

  25. r3verseb4ckfl1p says:

    What an inspiration this man is…………John Mellor your truely one amazing guy, i was so blessed to of crossed your path tonight, i cant begin to thank you enough for praying for me. Jesse

  26. artsleuth193 says:

    Thank you John…hope you come to California some day.

  27. LYNDA WORRELL says:

    Thank you for praying this prayer so that we can hear it over and over again.

  28. Derek Keith says:

    Dunnottar Castle makes a stunning backdrop for this prayer for healing clip.