Thank you so much for watching this video.

I’ve made this video a little bit different from my others due to powerful informations, so feel free to let me know in the comments below, if you like this kind of videos as well.

This time, Gregg Braden is explaining, what they found in an old monastery in tibet. Even in Bible those informations were edited and changed.
This video will also explain to you, why your prayers have not been manifested yet and what you should change to make them work. It is a simple step to a quick manifestation for everyone.
Thank you so much for watching this video.

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  1. AttractPassion says:

    Thank you so much for watching this video.

    I've made this video a little bit different from my others due to powerful informations, so feel free to let me know in the comments below, if you like this kind of videos as well.

    This time, Gregg Braden is explaining, what they found in an old monastery in tibet. Even in Bible those informations were edited and changed.
    This video will also explain to you, why your prayers have not been manifested yet and what you should change to make them work. It is a simple step to a quick manifestation for everyone.

  2. Zahari Shtonov says:

    Jesus talked about prayer. His disciples asked him: Teach us how to pray . And the answer to them was what’s now probably the most known text in Christianity: The Lord’s Prayer. Everyone in the Western world must’ve heard what that says. The prayer is addressed directly to The Father! He is the Giver and has the power to do anything, if so desires. But to pray to the Father, one must believe that He is! And He will richly bless you in ways you don’t even know or can even expect that He can.

    If something has been “edited out” of the Bible, it means that it has never belonged there. There are thousands upon thousands of early copies of the ancient Christian text and they are exactly the same as we read them today in the KJV. The text was known as Textus Receptus or the Received Text, as it was accepted since the early Christians to be the Word of God. Nothing has been left out and all ideas in the books align to each other, as the text has been written by one author, which technically it was. If something has been left out, even entire books (such as the Gospel of Thomas), it means that it did not align with the central idea of what Christianity teaches. It’s just that simple.

    Christianity never teaches about controlling your life through emotion or feelings. In fact, they are a result of our own desires. And those desires are sinful and fallen. To ask “in His Name” means to ask what He wants for us. If you believe in Him, He will give you the desires of Your heart, the Bible says. There is nothing mystic or hidden about that. As many believe that it has to be, in order to be some sort of sacred or empowering reality.

    Jesus always addressed His prayers to the Father and no one else! Not some mystic energy, or “the quantum world”… Do as He did and you shall be heard! Guaranteed! Follow His example, as He taught it to His disciples, and ultimately to all of us.

  3. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka says:

    Wasa wasa mea mea mea (already done Now! ) thanks bro

  4. Patrick Monden says:

    Old Greg must have prayed successfully to be a new age conman dickbag….lol….

  5. K k says:

    this is the real secret, short and clear.

  6. Michael Arthur says:

    Friend friend had an anal fissure and we healed it through the power of spoken word !!

  7. Siham ALAOUI says:

    I ´ m Found of your generosity. You re a great guy man. God bless you – coming from my mind and heart –
    With love

  8. RasBenaiah says:

    Which monks is he talking about that healed the cancer tumors?

  9. Nadeen Sivic says:

    Why is this overlaid with another video?I can hear a woman talking underneath this. What is the picture being painted about?

  10. Gia Chahal says:

    I will pay $10000 to anyone who moves the mountain with the conjuction of thought and emotion. Completely useless. Emotion arises thoughts. Prayer is a humble request to the lord nth else. Nonsense this is.

  11. make-up and meee says:

    I've been looking for such texts for many years, for the confirmation and explanation of many different things. This video has confirmed one of those things. Thank you so much ❤️

  12. Charles Deshler says:

    New age.
    Run away

  13. Kam Bola says:

    I love your art. This video, while different from your regular ones, is amazing. Your paintings are amazing as well. Xo

  14. OVL says:

    the Bible is another Jew trick like the money they print out of thin air and the politicians they control thru AIPAC; they are God’s chosen ones….LIARS!!!TRICKSTERS!!!

  15. Beauty Modumedisi says:

    Wow…. That's so POWERFUL

  16. Toonyman Base Studios says:

    I wonder if this makes the monks evil? withholding information like that from the world! If everyone got what they wanted it may have been a better world today way more advance by the thousands!

  17. tintrach says:

    I'm not quite 'getting' the visual aspect while listening to Mr. Braden. I found it annoying/distracting. For what that's worth.
    Listening with eyes closed always works best for me.

  18. Wayne Slayden says:

    It's disturbing to discover things like this and how long it's been hidden from us.. Nauseating when you think of the sheer vastness of others that were probably stolen and or destroyed that would have saved lives..we may never know..but to stay positive we should think maybe it's what had to be done for divine reasons.

  19. Maria Tah says:

    There are faith quotes in the gospel of Thomas which align with the teachings of Jesus on faith, but there are lots of other quotes such as his sexist quote and his quote against fasting and prayer, that don't align with what Jesus actually taught. Explaining how to have faith is nice and a big one, but still, the Gospel of Thomas as a whole contradicts the teachings of Jesus. That alone makes it invalid and not fit to be part of the Bible because, a half truth cannot make the whole text become truth.

  20. Tamer Tark says:

    There's 3 facts you're going to face it :
    1st one you've been 9 months inside your mom know nothing about this lifetime. 2nd fact, since you're here with us in this Universe you know a lot what about the 3rd fact, so then the 3rd fact we're going to face the results (1st+2nd=3rd ). Get up read what you're going to face….. Click
    good luck

  21. ozgoodphotos says:

    How in the modern era can people still believe something that was made up?

  22. Denise Gangnier says:

    One thing I don't really get "be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full" Is the glass half empty or half full?… a Buddhist once said…"desires keeps you trapped in Mara or illusion"(ie it's a seed gone dormant on repetitive desire: never full always empty)…its when by Spirits Gates you awaken to know the truth that when you are blessed by God there is no more desire your cup overfloweth that is your Spirit of God the Blessed redeemer and Son Jesus and a few of his disciples and sister brothers and children and so forth.

  23. Ben Zun says:

    Those Mormons were right the devil took many plain and precious truths from the bible. Joseph Smith wrote of this

  24. Indra Devi says:

    Has someone healed a physical issue like this?

  25. Pain Jammin says:

    He's talking about Saint Katherine's Monastery in Mt. Sinai, Egypt. The monk is named Father Justin.

  26. Transform Thinking says:

    I think I understand how he's bringing out scriptures from the Christian canon, but it's well known among born-again Christians that you cannot understand the real truth of the scriptures without actually being born-again. Understanding the Bible without that just isn't possible.

    When you are born-again you are then literally able to receive the person of the Holy Spirit who is the very catalyst for revealed spiritual truth. These monks have no doubt discovered realms of human capabilities that are remarkable… but they can never come to a level of understanding that the Holy Spirit gives to a person who is connected with Him.

    Philippians 4:6 " And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus"

    John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

    The peace the monks experience can be scientifically explained… but the peace that true prayer to God brings cannot be understood.
    On top of that, none of it matters unless you make it to heaven… and you cannot make it to heaven unless you have been born-again.

    If we will use a part of the Bible we must use the entire Bible. The Word must be rightly divided.

  27. Rag Rag says:

    In all the scriptures, we have a lack of understanding, why?
    Is it because they, the enemy of the truth, living as the elite, have they the selfish bastards hidden the truth? Think about it, we have more and more that are waking up to the truth, why? Our enemies are covering up the truth. The truth of all is some have failed to love, love CONQUERS ALL. without love we have shit coming our way. The world is so corrupt now, hence the joy has been robbed from us.
    Our creator has been hidden from us by the enemy. Healing is suppressed by the worlds attitude. Fight the fine fight, stand out by love.

  28. Katheryn Hoban says:

    I don't like the man drawing or painting. What is he doing? Why not show you? Or the image of monastary?

  29. ken brown says:

    Gospel of john,gospel of mary,try those,builders and keepers,passageways through the matrix