Pope Francis Invites All Christians to Pray a Global ‘Our Father’

Pope Francis is inviting Christians around the world to join him for special events this week. He wants us to pray together for an end to the pandemic.

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  1. Scorpion says:

    I did the same thing. I prayed all night with two beautiful, young girl.

  2. World News Update says:

    It's time too pay for all the lies coming from Europeans !
    The real Jesus and Mary was never White European !!
    And till today they are giving this fake image to millions of people !!
    Imagine how mad God are with this people!

  3. Wallamsun Sun says:

    Am in Catholics in khasi people from india meghalaya.ilove papa Francis

  4. JMJ 88 says:

    Will you also pray to your pachamama? Didn't you invited the pagan rites?

  5. Joan Just says:

    How about consecration to IHM? Everyone available

  6. Afro 123 says:

    God forgive us

  7. J Lakatos says:

    Ive prayed to your god. I've prayed to the Easter bunny. I've gotten the same result with both. People are still dropping like flies!

  8. 0 0 says:

    Pope= rape enabler. Fuck organized religion to this degree

  9. lumen star says: