Paul's Passion | Dr. John Maxwell

Dr. John Maxwell’s New Year’s Day message to Christ Fellowship and the Church United families in South Florida.

Christ Fellowship Church

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  1. Harvey Plett says:

    whats with the backround?

  2. Ricardo Zende Kambinda says:

    John has a real gift of Evangelism.

  3. Marthen Kadepa says:

    Thank you John for sharing such a great message. I am so blessed with your wonderful message. And It was so inspired me in order to really find out what God actually wants me find out to and also to be what God wants me to be (Christ like). God bless us.

  4. Take Me Deeper says:

    Just finished watching this video a few minutes ago. I should watched this in January. Truly my heart burned with Passion for the lost through this message. I know there should be adjustments to be done in where I am right now. I love this thought from John's message: "you truly find out who you are when you have to leave your culture." I've been following John's teachings when I was 23, that was 27 years ago. and this message one of the best one I've heard. Thank God and thank you John.

  5. Ginger Langer says:

    I really love listening to John Maxwell teach!

  6. Andrew Kenny says:

    excellent stuff

  7. Regina watkins says:

    that was beutiful and it feels good to be christ like im workung on being a motivational speaker for christ

  8. Green Hornet says:

    What does a Man profit if He has the whole Bible or Scriptures and does not rightly divide it to save His soul? 2 Timothy 2:15 In other words if people are all religious and do not come to a complete knowledge of the truth it profits them nothing.1 Timothy 2:4 The average person believes one Church is as good as the other. That is false. Jesus built only 1 Church. He prophesied about it in the old testament book of Mathew 16:18 In that 1 Church Jesus adds the saved to it,You do not join the Church of Your choice. Acts 2:47 King James version. That 1 Church is commanded to speak the exact same things concerning the new covenant doctrine of Jesus 2 John 9-11 1 Corinthians 1:10 There is only 1 faith Ephesians 4:4-6 that is Acts 2-Revelation 22 Acts 2:42 The Books of Mathew-John describing Jesus before the Cross is all old testament law of Moses doctrine for the Jews only. Galatians 4:4-5 Mathew:21 Jesus come to save only His people the Jews before the Cross. Mathew 10:5-6 Mathew 15:24. Jesus was a Minister of the Circumcision a teacher of the law of Moses before the Cross. Romans 15:8 King James version. Jesus did not come to do His new testament will before the Cross or teach His new testament doctrine before the Cross. John 6:38 John 7:16 verses 2 John 9-11 after the Cross. It was after the Cross Jesus received all His authority from God the Father to teach all of His new covenant doctrine. John 16:12-15 Ephesians 3:3-5 Mathew 28:18-20 Acts 1:3 There was no salvation of any kind in that 50 day time period between the covenants. Unless people know Jesus new testament plan of salvation they stand no chance at all of being saved. Romans 10:9-14 People are to hear the new covenant word, to believe the new covenant word to believe unto new covenant righteousness. Romans 3:19-21 Romans 10:1-6 To offer new covenant repentance, confess Jesus as the son of God, then finally be baptized into water baptism into Jesus death,burial and resurrection for the remission of there sins, and to walk in newness of life. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Acts 2:38 Acts 8:35-39 Acts 22:16 Romans 6:3-6 1 Peter 3:21. Not the non sense of Your saved then baptized as an already saved person, or ask Jesus to come into Your heart non sense or Receive Jesus as Your personal savior non sense, since none of these are found any where in the Scriptures. This is they way God demands we handle His word and sadly very few people ever do

  9. Obed Lalmalsawma says: