Pastor Joel Osteen’s Full Sermon “The Power of ‘I Am'” | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network

It’s the sermon that changed the way Oprah sees her life. Watch as Pastor Joel Osteen, one of America’s favorite preachers, reveals the power of the words “I am” during a Sunday sermon at Lakewood Church in Houston. Find out why Pastor Osteen says anything is possible if you have the faith to believe it. For more on #lifeclass, visit

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Pastor Joel Osteen’s Full Sermon “The Power of ‘I Am'” | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network


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  1. Sylvia Tina says:

    In 1990 unemployment scams aliens tortured us! I prayed 33,000 21 lifetimes of back to future resources. push us out our minds out our money my parents own shrug from the color purple. 25 years later something came in the nature. Tyler Perry unemployment agents the city blacklisted me the hospital field! Foreclosure on our homes, three my kids out of college pretended we never made a payment, blew up com puters, took 5 kids out the homes. Took 88,000 homes 29,000 a yr nurse job! Took out pay for cars, Detroit towing our cars. Thousands in red light tickets! In the beginning a Mexican at work in the hospital ran up to me after she sat me in locked her a sitting duty for a yr. " you r not so tough now" follow me to next job ! Trying prove she better Pam my favorite cousins name. Decorate the nurse board and tell show everybody how great a nurse in a m over every body! I don't carry unemployment scams in my mind so they can be better than me! Retarded demonic syndicate! Hiding with my husband family every body Hollywood trying get the Chicago to pay their way through life! They can't see. Ripping everything u p! Blind white thugs! New film have my life lives away in girlfriend then white girlfriend film!

  2. tuntuu55 2best says:

    i love the power of the word Pastor Joel thank you

  3. Weston Thornton says:

    The very word of God warns us about false prophets in sheep’s clothing but they are wolves on the inside tickle your ears with lies People that believe this man or being lead a stray this man never opened his Bible and preaches from the word of God when you deny the word of God the very truth that’s blasphemy GOD is right and we are Wrong this man better turn his life around to Jesus and repent and start telling people the truth about God‘s word…

  4. Weston Thornton says:

    I rebuke Joel and his faults teachings works doesn’t get you into heaven and living for Jesus is not a easy life The word of God says to put on our full armor because we are under attack every day if we walk for Jesus he’s leading people straight into hell they need to repent and turn her life around and come to Jesus

  5. Robbie Sharp says:


    He’s a false prophet, who cares for nobody, and only money.


  6. Czar Phoenix says:

    I would like to think that God loves me, whether I am negative or positive.

  7. Kathy Palma says:

    Confidence arises from this knowing that we are infused in the Spirit and feed on our Fathers love, we should search scripture to see exactly what our inheritance is, we did not inherit fear, perfect love that we are in cast out all fear, when we speak words that stem from fear, we are choosing fear above faith, if I walk around saying I am this or that because of fear because of doubt, as if I need these words to make me feel value because faith that speaks truth that says I am a child of God, I am already highly valued when we speak these fear based words and depend on these for confidence we are walking in the flesh, positive speaking is helpful unless we are putting our confidence on this belief above our faith that says I am a child of the most high who indeed loves me this alone is our confidence we may be grateful for all temporal gifts that are Father gives us yet these gifts should never be the place where our confidence comes from, these gifts are temporal, would we mourn them when they are gone, would we lose are confidence. We can enjoy them because if we need them to walk as a child of God, if we need them to know our value then when they are gone so too will be who we believed we were yet if we just enjoy them knowing that it is only our Father love for us that we know so well in our hearts, that causes us to love our true selves, who we truly are who we will always be the very love the Father loves us with this one love enables us to love our true selves and here is joy, joy is present when we realize how much we are loved, how much we are valued, I agree be watchful in out hearts to not accept negative thoughts in our hearts that cause harm to ourselves or to others yet replacing these thought with words that the flesh values and needs to feel valued is walking away from Spirit and walking in flesh. We should be diligent not to find our value in the gift but to find value in the Giver of the gift who poured himself out into us that we may be enfused in the very love that He loves us with because truly this is our value, again there is nothing wrong with blessing others with our words nor is there anything wrong with blessing ourselves with our words yet it is a fine line between findly value in a gift that comes from our Father a temporal gift and the Love that Our Fathers loves us with because we are this love, infused in this love, His divine nature within us is who we are when we choose every moment to choose peace, because peace is our food, we choose joy because joy is our food, these we are choosing every moment,
    Faith says so, my peace I give you, faith says the God of hope has filled me with all peace and joy in believing that I may abound in hope by the power of the holy Spirit, joy and peace to chose regardless of what the moment presents these are the greatest gifts of all, these we should choose, these we should confess because the comes from Truth and are strong and can't ever be argued against.

  8. Prophetic Dreams says:

    Amen, I love JOEL

  9. Christopher Covert says:

    This is not sound doctrine. This is New Age heresy coupled with direct blasphemy. Isaiah said that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Now I'll give an "I Am" affirmation that we should be saying. "I am a sinner that's been saved by grace. I am crucified with Christ and am no longer alive but it is Christ that dwells within me." Come on people. Get born again and say the right things and not this New Age Babylonian Garbage.

  10. Angel's 777 says:

    Prise the lord bro im n really engourched and bless

  11. Keswarnath Ragbar says:

    Good Psychologist .God blesses all of us unconditionally .We need not give tithes or buy books from these prophets.We make our own choices in life .Goo give us all wisdom and courage in life .

  12. ken hurst says:

    Joel the Lord came in my dream last night and told me to tell you to give all your money away to all those people down in Houston and make sure everybody got some and then sell your house and they want you to live in a travel trailer okay so that way you can appreciate what the Lord is alright thank you I

  13. melody does a lot if things and stuff says:

    Illuminati puppet

  14. Angelica Ventura says:

    This sermon have really change my way of thinking…
    Today I had a bad day, and got a bad grade on elemental physics…
    Tomorrow morning I'm gonna start with a new "I am"(in a positive way).

  15. cynthia edwards says:

    He will have to one day give an account for all the people he has led away from God

  16. cynthia edwards says:


  17. Mukul Rai Rai says:


  18. Hairy Wombat says:

    This guy is GAY

  19. Marcia Hooley says:

    Identical twins have the same fingerprints, Genious