Overview: Philippians

Watch our overview video on the book of Philippians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Phillippians, Paul thanks the Philippian Christians for their generosity and shares how they are all called to imitate Jesus’ self-giving love.

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  1. completelyme67 says:

    Love hearing him say, "Jeus's ….." Never heard Jesus's name pronounced like that outside of the old time black southern church. KEWL!

  2. Alejandro Arvizu says:

    You guys!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Awesome.

  3. Leong Li Yang says:

    Anyone here lockdown due to Covid 19 ?

    No worry…
    Paul being lockup in prison and share Gospel in prison.
    as a Child of God we won't feel so alone because with Heavenly Father is indeed with us.
    He won't forsake us.
    Thank you Heavenly Father to protect your children from Covid 19,
    it may seems bad but actually good ,
    is a useful situation to share Gospel to comfort to those who has lost their way back to heaven realm.

    Peace & God blessed you Brother/Sister in Christ…

  4. JAC50 says:

    As a Protestant Christian, notice the Bible Project has no intention of producing videos covering the Deuterocanonical CATHOLIC books for a reason..

  5. Jessa Caffee says:

    thank you so much for making these! we have used these occasionally in my Bible class for years now!

  6. Johan Sriworo says:

    thank you

  7. Daniel Villagra says:

    This was by far one of my favorite videos in your series! Thank you for the labor of love in putting this together and sharing it with the world. It greatly helped me <3

  8. Barbara Harter says:

    I SO appreciate these pictorial overviews of bible content. I am a visual learner and it is so helpful. Thank you.

  9. Rafael Junior says:

    please take god's salvation seriously cause if you don't we all know were your destination is… please listen hell and heaven exists and when you die your body is eternal…. (ETERNAL) and there is an everlasting fire so please please i obey the COMMANDMENTS… LOVE GOD AND HAVE FAITH IN HIM… LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF… AND PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT… TO HAVE FAITH YOU DO NOT NEED THE PHYSICAL TO HAVE FAITH YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OBJECTS INCLUDED ONLY GOD HIMSELF IS SUFFICIENT please when you read the bible let the spirit of god flow through you

  10. Rafael Junior says:

    when you pray ask god to strengthen you don't ask god to help you in your finance or to have a house or a car if you want those things work for it cause god is not a vending machine god somtimes says yes somtimes no and somtimes he sais wait for the right time cause god does not only love you he loves everyone so therefore he looks at how that can affect other people

  11. Rafael Junior says:

    please listen brothers and sisters jesus is no the king of this world jesus is the king of the new jerusalem and we are his bride god is calling us wake up the world is ignorant please listen carefully don't take life for granted cause after death you go straight to jugment god is also going to ask you this question did you break any of the commandments. cause if you break one commandment you break all. faith without works is nothing please please listen… (FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS NOTHING AT ALL) amen.

  12. diana ferguson says:


  13. Noelle Hallman says:

    Wow…what a beautiful summary. The insights are so full of wisdom and so accurate. Thank you for your interpretation. It was so helpful!

  14. Arameadeza Laingo says:

    We will be studying this tonight. Need to watch again. Thank you again BibleProject. 🙂

  15. TheApril says:

    Healing Justice

  16. sarah thibault says:

    This dudes voice sounds like Mrbeast

  17. Ruth Favour says:

    Wow…. thank you for this.Always blessed by your ministry

  18. Ritah N says:

    I am reading this book this week and this video is a great summary of the nuggets in this book. Thank you

  19. Grace Bauer says:

    he sounds like mr beast

  20. Neomi Left says:

    Thanks a lot guys. May God bless you more.

  21. Ruth Skywalker says:

    Can another brother/sister explain 7:00 ? I don't get the part where he says that "we shouldn't hope to get away from earth", I don't like it down here at all and sometimes I daydream about how happy me and my family would be in Heaven in the presence of The Father and Son

  22. Gab L says:

    This is so greatly explained! I would’ve been so lost reading this book if I hadn’t watched this first.

  23. Liam Jethro says:

    7:598:03 i think he is correct and by believing in God and believing he will destroy all evil you will be calm no matter what your situation is

  24. junery abrajano says:

    Great this is soo great I'm only Gr. 3 and I'm loving this

  25. MultiTacs says:

    WARNING, the makers of the Bible project avoid: Gods wrath, Gods Sovereignty, Substitutionary Atonement for sin, Hell, Eternal Judgement and punishment, Saved from God – By God – For God…They teach parts of Gods word and avoid others.

  26. rewqax1 says:

    Im sensing paul is of satan

  27. Alexander Rios Jr says:

    Rather than die and be with Jesus in Heaven, stay alive to live to serve others.

  28. Akuku Christian says:

    Always thought of the bible as a big intimidating book but the simplification gives clarity

  29. John Forbes says:

    But people are dieing talk about the Jesus

  30. Dave Wagner says:

    Phenomenal channel. So glad I found it.

  31. John Asenov says:

    Just watched some videos claiming and confirming the Philipi or ancient philipopolis is in BULGARIA -PLOVDIV.. many facts about his journey to Macedonia or Nowadays Bulgaria … maybe should investigate.. remember that MACEDONIA ,GREECE AND OTHER COUNTRIES ON THE MAP ARE NOT THE NOWADAYS COUNTRIES WE IMAGINE NOW.

  32. Knight of Mary says:

    love this letter