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http://www.veritas.org/talks – Sociologist Os Guinness discusses whether belief in God is good, bad or irrelevant through exploration of “The Journey: A Thinking Person’s Quest for Meaning”.

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  1. Margaret newton says:

    "Without truth there is only manipulation'', an important piece of truth in societies under tyranny, and rebellion. While people's are encouraged to seek enormous gain, and 'choosing right' Is ancient, or ineffective for survival regardless of social class.Thankyou very much Mr Guinness your sharing your wisdom.

  2. Philotimo C says:


  3. Cypress E says:

    Os, you are the man!

  4. Joan Kent says:

    I could listen to much more of Os Guinness. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. bonnie43uk says:

    Os says that we should examine the great atheist writers, and ask ourselves whether they answer life's questions, .. well, for me, they do answer life's questions much more directly and honestly than the Christian answers.

  6. Hona Wikeepa says:

    My Atheist family are questioning their ideas. Cheers from Aotearoa NZ.

  7. Maureen Tuohy says:

    Wow!! These kids are just gunning for a Christian! Someone should tell them not to bring a pen knife to a gun fight!

  8. Thomas Simmons says:


  9. Glenn TS says:

    Brilliant! You need an absolute to fight an absolute evil.

  10. DavidinSLO says:

    Many thanks to the Veritas Forum at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for sponsoring this event.

  11. Yolando Soquite says:

    Life is not only unfair but also fleeting….More so Life has no meanings whatsoever..if life is not eternal…wether u indulge in science,happiness oriented or in the perfection of your own crafts..if life is not eternal ..then our names will just disappear from the history of our universe!

  12. Mushumushi says:

    Thank you for presenting the different stages of the quest for meaning.

  13. Yahweys Aylar says:

    Great mind !! A great teacher with a beautiful heart 
    God bless you 

  14. AdderallApocalypse says:

    I'm at 1:08:00.. could this guy be more of a condescending dick!? >_>

  15. kissybyc says:

    I think It is because he remains calm and humble that he is one of the greatest minds of our time.

  16. Christaddict365 says:

    So many are not thinking people so we know they won't understand Os

  17. Joel Thapa says:

    so glad to hear from Os, mostly that we are just finite beings, but Jesus disclosed the truth so we must faith in humiliation.

  18. brunorosi says:

    All these young students, so naive about everything Christianity means and yet so stubborn and even aggressive. Os Guinness is one of the greatest minds of our time, I wonder how he remains so calm and humble in that situation.