Orthodox Christian Theology – Dispiritedness is source of all mental problems

Late Orthodox Christian Elder, Abbot Joseph of the Great Vatopedi Monastery at Mount Athos, teaching his monks how to fight Dispiritedness.

Orthodox Church

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  1. Shao Yu Mai Wang says:

    This may sound like a facetious question but I'm being serious: he says that the Devil is telling us we're sinful. But how is it the Devil when we ourselves know we're sinning? How does it not feel like it's God accusing us? Every day I say I'm not going to do one sin or another, and then I usually fail (either that day or another), and I've chosen to do it, then I feel like an idiot afterward. It's the honest truth that I've sinned and failed, it's not a lie. And how does one not rightfully feel dispirited continually failing? Maybe I'm too early in the "training" and if I keep at it, I will get better or one day tame it. But it's hard to feel like it isn't God saying it.

  2. furiokoo says:

    Thank you for sharing this video! Could someone write the name of the chant at the end of the video? God bless!

  3. Nikola Kachevok says:

    What is the name of the chorus singing at the end of the video

  4. sortedm says:

    What is the painting at the end?

  5. JAZERLIGHTS says:

    Great message! I love picture at the end!

  6. That place my heart is looking for says:

    This elder is filled with wisdom and courage. But what I’m trying to see is that what shall one do? Is it possible to win the war? It’s almost hopeless. I fail and fail every time. I’m tricked time and time again by the devil and his demons and laid a trap on.

  7. A Messenger says:


  8. Beaverdam Man says:

    Today's science and medicine tries to explain, and treat ineffectively, what the Holy Fathers knew all about millennia ago. Today's allopathic medicine only treats the symptoms, and does nothing for the cause or the root of the problem. We need to return to this ancient wisdom.

  9. Mayor Curley says:

    This is the true prosperity gospel. Thank you, Elder Josef.

  10. John Ray says:

    Wonderful video.

    What is the name of the song at the end?

  11. Balaji Vijaykumar says:

    Thanks for sharing the video may God bless you Brother

  12. itz Gotenks says:

    Safe he will become a Saint

  13. QDeeDra Ældæg says:


  14. Orthodox_Slav says:

    Lord give me strength!

  15. Nazarene Christian Soldier says:

    When I have had hard times and my soul filled with darkness, I asked help from Jesus and he always filled my soul with his light

  16. Jax JAXTACUS says: