'OPEN YOUR CHURCH' – Pastor Jesse Newman of Eternity Church

‘OPEN YOUR CHURCH’ is the bold cry from Christian pastor, Jesse Newman from Eternity Church in Iowa, USA. Jesse is an Aussie who grew up in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and is dismayed at the lack of courage displayed by Australian churches.

In this interview he delivers something Australians don’t often get – outside perspective – and we currently are looking very weak indeed.

We covered the police and governmental response to Covid-19 and the binds it places on churches because of the way their faith clashes with vaccine mandates, extended lockdowns and any form of segregation.



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2:16 Why Jesse opened his church against government restrictions
6:33 The community reaction to the opening
8:43 Valuing freedom
10:26 Speaking against “THE science”
14:12 The Church in Australia and its response to the pandemic
16:49 The Western Church vs the Persecuted Chinese Church
19:58 Preach what is true, not what people want
22:42 Cops at the front door of Eternity Church
24:13 American cops will stand against bad laws
27:00 Victoria Police lies, again
32:13 Australian protests compared to US protests
35:43 Australian churches should be peacefully, civilly disobedient
37:03 Jesse’s experience of Covid-19
39:31 Australia churches need to OPEN
41:02 The theology against exclusion and segregation in church
49:10 Discriminating by vaccination status in the US would segregate white and black
53:00 When churches remove politics and stand on Biblical truth
57:36 Why online church is not church
1:05:49 The irrational logic of the Australian Government
1:09:10 Vaccine mandates forcing people out of jobs
1:14:12 Be a person of conviction
1:16:15 What does the USA think of Australia?
1:18:24 The solution to all the fear


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  1. Philippa Westerman says:

    The Amish did not lockdown, close their schools, send their sick to hospital, wear masks or physical distance. If someone was sick they were cared for in their home. They take great care of their elderly. They do not vaccinate their children. They are an example for the communities they live among.

  2. Philippa Westerman says:

    Great to meet a like minded Australian pastor! I have been following the insanity in Australia since the beginning. I have never agreed to the lockdowns and other covid "safe" measures and attempted to explain what I believed to my pastor. He did not agree so I have never gone back to church (I did once and someone I thought I knew flinched when I touched her lightly on the shoulder) having to be satisfied with preaching and teaching online, especially John MacArthur. I could not believe the cowardice and lack of belief on the part of most of the churches in Australia, and I knew from conversations with people in the supermarket etc, not necessarily churchgoers, how afraid they were for themselves and their loved ones.

  3. D says:

    I think churches etc don't want to piss off the government as they might lose their tax free status.
    Government uses the dollar to control everyone at every level.

  4. Andrew Caldwell says:

    Don’t forget you can’t pass the hat around to make any money if the doors are closed.

  5. MrMacca6969 says:

    I love the Sig sticker too !

  6. Verity Thacker says:

    Amazing insightful interview thank you

  7. Michelle Black says:

    Amen!!! Thank you for spreading peace and hope!

  8. Mel Goodrose says:

    Matt look up Pastor Furlong from Melbourne!! He was arrested and thrown in jail for about a month for doing that!! Just open up is not so easy!!

  9. Chi Quita Feldberg says:

    I'm waiting for Novavax because it's a safe vaccine but I'm ONLY taking it because my mother is sick in Perth, so even though I was taught young about NWO politics and I'm against tyranny, I have no choice my mum needs me so that's more important. If she passes away without me niether one of us will get over it without a great deal of difficulty. I feel comforted just listening to this talk.

  10. T 84 says:

    I am Australian, and I concur- I am a coward, I believe Australian government are behaving viciously authoritatively, but I am too scared to protest and stand up for my conviction- don't want to lose my job, I'm too scared to get arrested

  11. Navenator says:

    Love it. An ozy pastor who's pro Lion and pro Gun.

  12. Joanna shand says:

    Yes media politicised USA deaths by refusing to report per capita (%) viral statistics

  13. Emily Packer says:

    So much truth! Anyone know of a church like this in Brisbane, Australia?!!

  14. Christo Viljoen says:

    Not 30% to 40%, right now in my Church more like 50% (19:42)

  15. Alex Stefanutti says:

    Hey Matt, I had a thought, it wasn't large enough to implode my brain, but I think it's age-old and flawless.

    The concept of "kill them with kindness". If we tossed roses at the police instead of cans and rocks, how can we lose?

    Food for thought. Would love to see you discuss or do a piece around this idea. X

  16. Laurie D Mills says:

    Another great interview – thanks, Matt. I suspect that the church's silence re ScoMo refusing to acknowledge Jerusalem as God's capital of His land, Israel, was the point in time when God said, "Okay, I'll leave you to it," and politely stepped back away from the Australian church and country probably. He deals with remnant groups now, it seems. I dunno. Makes me cry. sigh

  17. Mr Schizo Psycho says:

    This guest is a joke, you don't need to gather in a building made of bricks but u can't scam people as easy when not in person

  18. Ken Davis says:

    Lets not segregate society – what a great idea. Thank you for this amazing video. I feel like I am sane again.

  19. Autumn Pendergast says:

    The cops are being instructed by the government and the media. By the Accountants running the show.