One thirst – Bethel Church (Feat. Jeremy Riddle/Steffany Frizzell ) (Worship Song with lyrics)

Bethel Church – One thirst, New Album: Be lifted high, Year: 2011

You say to us seek Your face
Our hearts reply, Your face we seek
And come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways
Anoint us for the greater things

We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
We’re here to drink of glory and wonder,
Here to cry out
Come and fill this place
Come and fill this place

And our single wish, our sole desire
To gaze upon Your beauty God
We will not rest, nor will we cease
Till with our eyes, Your face we see

We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
We’re here to drink of glory and wonder,
Here to cry out
Come and fill this place, this place
Come and fill this place, this place

We wait for You to come and show Your glory here today.
We wait for You to come and show Your glory here today.
We wait for You to come and show Your glory here today.
We wait for You to come and show Your glory here today.
We wait for You, God we wait for You!
We wait for You, God we wait for You!

Alleluia come, Alleluia come, Alleluia come, Alleluia come!

We wait for You to come and show Your glory here today!


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  1. Roy Lokolo says:

    He created this world in 7 days what a architect !!!!amazing JESUS love u LORD

  2. Tanya Ellis says:

    I'd like to hear Kim Walker Smith or Brooke Ligertwood sing this.

  3. alex ogoke says:

    Awesome God

  4. paula thiery says:

    i just cry and cry to him to listen me ………………………………..

  5. Callie Lang-Mangram says:

    Ushers song, but for me more like a poem. Fills the mind, heart & physical spaces w/ the Beautiful & presence of the Spirit of God into any atmosphere. It makes one, see themselves & what God created us to do. I See the sweetness of our Savior..oh how we WAIT..just simply wait for you Holy Spirit to come & show your Glory here, in our hearts, our homes, our work, our fellowships, our Earth!! We wait for you.

  6. gerry siruno says:

    Awesome song.

  7. Alfredo Daniel Matias says:


  8. Vinicius L. Alves says:

    Aleluia, vem! Nós esperamos que sua glória nos encha, queremos te ver ☺

  9. krishna metlapalli says:

    Lord i Received it

  10. Rayssa Paiva says:

    Aleluia vem, aleluia vem, aleluia vem esperamos por você para vir e mostrar
    Tua glória aqui hoje ♪♪ <3

  11. Ryan Bacchus says:

    powerful and touching

  12. gaz20091 says:

    Love this

  13. lindsay leona says:

    I love it … Close your eyes child for you can see jesus and he's glory face to face jesus I want to be where you are

  14. Shamila Kapur says:

    I Love my Father :))) His Love, His Goodness and His mercy is from Everlasting to Everlasting Hallelujah Jesus is my Lord and saviour :)))

  15. Revlo1 says:

    Such a powerful song! 

  16. Roberta Prevedello says:

    Such a blessed song! Love it!

  17. Ryan Johnson says:

    Awesome. .

  18. Grace Jeong says:

    I love you god

  19. Classified Chappy says:

    Finally I found this beautiful song! Glad that my church has the great songs made by God!  My number 1 favorite song of Gospel. Thank you lord!

  20. Floetry forbes says:

    Glory to God

  21. Geri Kasprowicz says:

    I love this song!  

  22. Ruel Paryag says:

    omg! You are a Mighty Good God! Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  23. Paco delp says:

    AWESOME !!

  24. Jay Yockey says:

    This has been my go to song this week. So powerful.

  25. mancam221 says:

    your forgetting about the power behind the words

  26. Marshall priddle says:


  27. Shannon Chieng says:

    Amazing grace of God:) God bless you and keep you in him. I thank God for you and I pray that you will continue to stay strong 🙂

  28. Mr. Jackson says:

    correct me if im wrong but i dont see how that explains what your saying.

  29. Aphoresis says:

    Then I guess you could play Old Rugged Cross at a Wedding lol.

  30. Alma De la Torre says:

    this one of the first songs i meet of bethel and now singing ans praying im healt of a bad sick! HOLY JESUS!

  31. Alma De la Torre says:


  32. heatherhaux says:

    It's ALL in His GLORY. Everyone, let's just find rest and peace in His Presence. Quarreling only causes hurt or anger or both. He's too good to be argued about. He's too WONDERFUL and LOVELY. God Bless.x

  33. Dana Moore says:

    Why not at a wedding? It's the perfect illustration of Christ and His bride.

  34. imblessedso says:

    a wedding? :/

  35. MrBenigi says:

    Im a 13 Old boy in swiss so i can not so good english i was fill with devil and i think every day at suicid and i was christ but its hold me every day and in thih i am free and fill with god love <3

  36. Chris Carter says:

    The Bible never said that Lucifer led music in heaven. The most specific description of him is in Ezekiel 28, which comments on his beauty and pride.

  37. castelatus says:

    Powerfull praise.

  38. josh calkins says:

    I spend the first moments of every morning on my knees in prayer listening to this song. So GOOD!!! Great song to be humbled to!

  39. codorinDI says:

    love this song its a great worship song i love it. God bless Bethel Church. i especially love the first verse.

  40. Tori Candice says:

    This song is so amazing

  41. sipe0269 says:

    I agree with most everything you say, but to imply this is not about the one true God is folly. Hallelujah means "praise Yahweh". It's pretty clear as to whom they singing. God bless my brother.

  42. roxannadannabanana says:

    Wow, that is so amazing!!!

  43. imblessedso says:

    Isn't it the person who leaves trolling comments on videos with content they aren't even interested in that should get a life?

    I was here enjoying the music and reading the pleasant comments until I encountered your sarcasm.

  44. imblessedso says:

    Funny how people like you are always obsessively preoccupied with Satan, and finding him in other people. Yet another Pharisaic attribute along with traditionalism.

  45. imblessedso says:

    Because an ancient heresy is better than a new one. Funny thing is, Jesus seemed to be far more concerned about the former than the latter ("your traditions have made the word of God of none effect") .

  46. valleyofbaca says:

    That sounds like it would've been Amazing!!!!

  47. Holloway Lane says:

    This song was played at my sister's wedding when all the brides maids and grooms men came down the aisle to the alter. Then right at 4:15 my sister walked down the aisle with my father. It was epic

  48. Javieshka Acosta says:

    Heavenly. 3