Old Testament: Moses and the Pentateuch

Old Testament: Moses and the Pentateuch | Is The Bible Reliable?

Josh delves into the details of Moses as author of the Pentateuch. An excavation site brought to light an ancient civilization, the kingdom of Ebla that clarifies the issue of Moses as the Pentateuch’s author.

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Josh McDowell

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  1. Rickkrock Star says:

    The Egyptian language existed already, just saying

  2. truethinker says:

    calling attention to what was understood as the law of Moses doesn't mean he wrote the entire Torah.any more than Jeffersonian Democracy means Jefferson wrote the Constitution. Which is still being written. I believe the Torah and all scripture was in fact continually edited as new revelations of God were understood. The Koran was supposedly Written by Mohammad but all ancient manuscripts save one were destroyed The book of Mormon by was supposedly written by angles and translated by Joseph Smith The Bible is not like that.To me it raises it up above superstition when  we allow it to have come about by the actual  factors (as new revelations of  God matured)within the society it was composed. It is great mystery why God uses the frail hands of Man to reveal his will and plan,it  must have to be that way. We all want to be the most right instead of the most loving. Moses not writing the Torah shounld'nt be the point which it's value stands. The Bible is much richer than that.