New Creation Church – Every Day of my life


Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life (Ps 23:6)
From “I Sing Hosanna” DVD album with one of the most anointed worship team in this world.
Vocal: Sean Goh
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Aaron Kwek

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  1. Noel M says:

    Truly a picture of heaven, NCC has caught the spirit flow, the whole experience the people, instrumentation , singers, lighting, sound, camera directing, with such anointing, and high quality of presentation…..thank you God…He is Faithful to express worship with Spirit and Truth!

  2. Krassimir Bozev says:

    Beautiful song.

  3. R Zee says:

    wauw, nice, praice the lord!!!

  4. American Roads says:

    @deshang dolor Singapore 🙂

  5. Grace Megs Brits says:

    All because of Jesus, we are gloriously blessed!

  6. deshang dolor says:

    Is there NCC in hong kong? I love this song. 😀

  7. lwpmusic says:

    I did an acoustic cover of this song!! Check it out!!

  8. Pinky And da Brain says:

    Hi Aaron thank you for posting this link! I am pinky on Gracehope and have been looking and looking for this! I could only find the CDs thanks for the link!

  9. EdenSpace117 says:

    Singapore, we meet at the Star Performing Arts Center on Sundays

  10. marlon colita says:

    wooooooooo…thank you Lord


  11. Sherry Kingskid says:

    Hallelujah!!! Oh what a blessing this was to watch. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  12. TheUltimate1337ful says:

    thanks God for your life…NCC worship song as well as Pastor Prince..truly God is so amazing in your life..

  13. TheUltimate1337ful says:

    He's an awesome God..

  14. Mare M says:

    I am from Croatia. Every sunday I am watching broadcast on CNBC and enjoying preaching. One day by the grace of God i ll visit Singapore.
    God blessings to all that are for Christ!

  15. The resa says:

    WOW! Come on church!!!!! Lets give Jesus the highest praise!!!
    Thanks so much @kwekhc007 for putting this awesome album up!!!

  16. radam21 says:

    Roxann you can come to NCC in Singapore 🙂

  17. Roxannity P. says:

    Where is New Creation Church?

  18. justin sun says:

    thank you NCC worship song…God bless you all

  19. Thomaslovesaudra says:

    I absolutely Love this churches praise & worship as well as Pastor Prince's messages! I'm so thankful for modern technology to be able to view & listen and worship with you! Grace & blessings to you! to you!

  20. Thomas Wright says:

    Thanks so much i rememberd He with Me always Yeeeeeeeeeeee Ya

  21. Thomas Wright says:

    Thanks so much i rememberd He with Me Yeeeeeeeeeeee Ya