Never Not Enough | Waymaker | Pastor Steven Furtick

It’s easy to feel like we don’t have enough and even easier to feel like we aren’t enough. But what if our perspective is off? Learn why God’s ability to provide never has to be questioned.

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  1. sarah wood says:

    Every time I watch him preach I grow a little more, I understand a little more and I feel more connected with God than I ever have and I'm 33 years old. I'm still a working progress but when I get there I would like to be baptized at his church and I will drive all the way from Florida because God is there

  2. Melanie Miller says:

    Thank you!

  3. Christina Luise says:

    AMEN PASTOR! Speaking exactly what I needed to hear

  4. Lisa Monks says:

    What a powerful message. God show me what to do with this word I've received, give me a revelation.

  5. oblivious108 says:

    This didn't help. I'm so tired of hearing these sermons sounding so optimistically naive. It's that sort of fake happiness that makes me lose faith as a believer.

  6. Eileen Rubio says:

    I am so Grateful for Pastor Steve Furtick… There has been many sermons he preached that have Truly Blessed me and gave me Godly insight and wisdom. Just so Blessed by God by his sermons!!! Thank you!!! Glory to God <3 😉

  7. Susanne Ingham says:

    And the TRUTH has set me FREE!! Hallelujah!!!

  8. Xavier Krantz says:

    This message is enough for me for today!! Thank you lord

  9. MissMem Mathizteehee says:

    Lean in to the Word that challenges your comfort zone

  10. MissMem Mathizteehee says:

    They followed them because they wanted to make a difference. SoThey followed them and then, they do this…

  11. MissMem Mathizteehee says:

    Our greatest opportunities will come at the most inconvenient times.

  12. Brandon Lee says:

    Wow just today I was thinking about how God is enough correction more than enough and others can't compete

  13. Blood Staind Faze says:

    I trust God 100%. I still my fear of what choice I make. When I left home to move into a motel so I could be there for my daughter, I now fear of where to live and being able to pay motel rent. God said to follow Him and go to my little girl, so I obeyed. I needed to go outside my comfort zone to follow a better way. Now I have to trust God more then ever! Lord, help my fear and thank you for all you have done so far!

  14. Nancy Archeval says:

    This sermon is definitely for me, because I feel sad about my life. I love to do things that aren’t supported much. And at times I ask God, “Why did you make me this way?” “Why did you give me gifts that my parents hate?” “Why did you give me this purpose for music?” And God gave me this message to listen to over and over again so that I can feel like I am enough.

  15. Jen Ostrom says:

    Thank u Pastor

  16. Chez P says:


  17. William Hampton says:

    Thank you for this sermon.

  18. Hilda ambasa says:

    This word is for me

  19. Marie Baca says:

    Confirmation thank you Lord!!!

  20. J P says:

    1. Promises of God are optional. We must lean in!
    your greatest opportunities will come at the most inopportune time! Will you trust HIM or stuff?-There is always the temptation to send away what God sends to bless you, because of how it “looks”. The WORD you need the most is the one that makes you uncomfortable. That’s the tension that produces growth. The Word God sends to you that you resist the most is the one that has the provision in it! You must take a step of faith! #leanIN!!! Give with a cheerful heart!

    2. Look Down- top down! I start with what I know, not what I’ve seen! Know that God is faithful!

    3. Listen up

  21. Jaclyn Key says:

    the more i read the bible the more the bible starts reading me

  22. Alandria Sims says:

    I needed this today. We're adopting and don't have enough money to pay for the adoption, but God whispered our son's name in my spirit. Noah Lamar. And I know now that I've never lacked provision, only Faith. I submit to you today for your consideration that you are not without what you need, only delayed due to the report you've believed. Believe today that the great I AM is, and it shall be so. Thank you God for making a way. I'll be back to update everyone on what God has done because I know for a fact that He is going to do it. #BringingHomeBabyNoah #BelieveWithoutLimits