NCLS13 – Rev. Dilip Chhetri – Session 6 – Family Life of a Servant of God

Rev. Dilip Chhetri speaking at the 2013 Nepalese Christian Leadership Summit in Sterling, VA.


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  1. Mohan Magar says:

    haleluyah amen

  2. Wahkhamcha Restaurant says:

    Jaimashi pastor baw

  3. Khem raj limbu raj says:

    Yesuko mahima hos

  4. Dibash G says:

    pastor buwa (rev dillip chettri) uhale boleko bachan Le hamro jeevanma parivartan ani pravu or at I mazbut garekocha…. pravule asis dyun…. halleluyah..

  5. Mithun Tamang says:

    Amen praise the lord..

  6. Grace & Truth says:

    my E- mail is

  7. Grace & Truth says:

    The message is good I would like to know more about the speaker and if he wants I will give some book about Christian home in Nepali and Christ the center in our life.Iam from Idaho in Twin Falls city my phone no is 2089958547.