Standing tall and majestic, adorning the hilltop of Zunheboto town in Nagaland state, Sumi Baptist Church creates history by becoming the Asia’s largest church in the world.
Meet Architect Honoholi Isaac Zhimomi, of the firm Akitektura and a mother of three, who has become famous across the country and the world by designing the Asia’s largest Church. With her work she has set an example and inspired many.

Roving Report

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  1. Chrystal clear Green Hope says:

    Praise the Lord

  2. Dev kalan says:

    Good work excellent beautiful work god bless you

  3. Poukin Inka says:

    To god be the glory. Amen

  4. Y. Yanrenthung Kikon says:

    will there be any reward in heaven for building beautiful churches? God the holy spirit only dwells in human soul who have been saved by the grace of God through faith. will there be any star in you soul when you go to heaven as a born again christian? let us labor more in winning souls.

  5. xavier wesley says:

    God's kingdom is in nagaland…

  6. biplop daulagophu says:

    god wil alws love a daughter like u mam

  7. Ericstar Godson says:

    God bless u madam Ghanaians love u

  8. Liangribou Abonmai says:

    I feel a bit unsure if God did feeling happy for this great structure,cos the bible say our body is the temple of God,so i dont think by this great building we will have enternal life.

  9. xuwato tenna says:

    Congratulation Madam Honoholi..!!!

  10. xuwato tenna says:

    Congratulation Madam Honoholi..!!!

  11. xuwato tenna says:

    Congratulation Madam Honoholi..!!!

  12. Thomas Anthony says:

    As the pastor says, it is the contribution of people that has made this magnificent structure possible, So please do not ask to build roads, b'cos that is the responsibility of the Indian government.

  13. Zinbuiyang Pamei says:

    amazing this is really God's art.

  14. Moa Lemdor says:

    we need roads. enough Churches.

  15. Thowa Katiry says:


  16. ak chang says:

    All Glory to the God Jesus Almighty

  17. inato sumi says:

    Good Work. Appreciate it. Now build the roads.

  18. nuchai khiamniungan says:

    praise the lord

  19. girik G says:

    proud moment indeed india's daughter in path of success