Morris Cerullo prays for Physical Healing

Because God is a spirit, the same anointing that was present when Morris Cerullo prayed this powerful prayer for Physical Healing is right by your side now — ready to touch you at the point of your need. If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything as they should ask it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven. (Matthew 18-19 and John 4:24) To share what God does for you as a result of this prayer, or for additional prayer, call the Morris Cerullo Helpline at 1-866-756-4200.

Morris Cerullo

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  1. Sherry Johnson says:

    I clam healing from an incurable disease in Jesus Christ's name!

  2. chezza maes says:

    God bless you Morris currello I feel better already

  3. Reverend Kemp says:

    Reverend Kemp's #faithnews
    To YOU the faithful thither and sower.
    you have given but have not seen your return,
    God's about to open for you and to you the windows of

  4. Heather Fulmore says:

    During the winter, the weather was still too hot here. It was easier to catch colds because I spend a lot of time in rooms with a lot of people. I caught a cold that sort of went away but not really. For months afterward my ears were stopped up and I sounded stuffy. After watching this video and praying. The stuffiness in my nose and throat went away. I could stay in an air conditioned and not get stuffy.

  5. Zhanna Diaz says:

    I received my healing on 4.01.17 from cancer. Thank you Jesus!!!! Glory, glory to our God Almighty for every soul He healed and saved. Give praised to our GOD

  6. sean mohammed says:

    I was I

  7. Terri Mitchell says:

    I receive my healing from a diagnoses of a brain tumor, Thank you JESUS, I receive NOW!

  8. Athula K. K. Edirisinghe says:

    I Receive in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  9. Vanessa Forrest says:

    Thanks for healing my momma from Alzheimer she is healed in Jesus name thank you for that beautiful

  10. Refilwe Boloko says:

    I receive in Jesus name Amen

  11. Profeta BT Joshua says:

    God Only
    Dieu Seulement

  12. yanto black says:

    please pray for my dad, he is sick now. he has hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis. I don't know what to do. doctor said there is nothing he can do accept liver transplant, we can't afford it.
    (yanto-jakarta, indonesia)

  13. Umesh Karan says:

    Amen.. I am blessed and receive the healing

  14. Dee Ser says:

    Thank you lord for the healing.. I feel a sudden strength come upon me after the prayers.. Im just amazed!

  15. Kay Andrews says:

    Thank you Lord I am Healed

  16. marlita monchiging says:

    Thanku Lord God
    You heald my son,,,

  17. Romero-Borbon Antonia says:

    Pray for Lina Enriquez Chacon…she have (artritis) spanish, she have pain in her body……..

  18. Apostle Maurice Muchele says:

    I receive my healing in my whole body and my wife`s and sons .

  19. Alex Newman says:

    Thank you Morris and thank God for healing me. I claim he will heal my body from the damages they did to my holy temple, in Jesus name.

  20. Aldy Abram says: