THUMBS UP for keepin it real! 🙂 Hey friends! So many of you have asked how we currently do our morning routines/devos for my kids- and this video shows how it’s going right now. It’s not perfect and we’re constantly evolving, but this was recommended by a good friend of mine- and we implemented it into our routines. Hope you enjoy!! How do you do devos with your family? Share below! *Crappy comments will be removed & you will be kindly blocked. capish? 🙂

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  1. a b i g a i l r u t h says:

    I have The Beginners Bible for my kids. (Ages 1 and 2 1/2) they seem to really love it. We also are teaching my oldest her first memory verse. It's been going well. Also they love Jelly Telly five minute devotionals in the morning.

  2. Cheryl Mendez says:

    I love this idea, I'm a control freak too and try to get my 4 year old to be as structured as I can get and I find that not only is she unable to thrive, so am I, even in my own time with God. I have to come to him real and so I've got to let my daughter do the same – this way is awesome and I'm going to start it now! Thank you!!!

    One thing I have done that she enjoys is teaching her to recite some of the most important shorter catechisms (I started when she was nearly 3 and was still willing to copy what I say, I rewarded her with tons of tickles and highfives, this has gotten more difficult the older she has gotten but the tickles still encourage her so while we're not learning any new ones right now she can still recite the ones she already knows) plus I do a couple worship lyric videos and we just worship together (and hopefully encouraging reading down the road too :P)

  3. Janine Grinst says:

    i love the Music in the Background. Whats the Name?

  4. Katrina Downs says:

    I love this!! I have a daily routine with my kids and this has given me the motivation to blog ours! This was amazing..God is so good.. Train up a child in the way that it should go.

  5. Jenn Richardson says:

    Do you do this before breakfast or after? My son is 21 months old and I’d love to start this. We have our second on the way. I was wanting to do a morning worship time but thought we could do it right when he wakes up over his cup of milk…but wasn’t sure.

  6. Norma Hayes says:

    Thank you so much for this ❤️

  7. Ashlynn Easter says:

    Thank you for sharing this im a new mom! Baby was born this month! But seeing this takes off the pressure of having structured bible time with my little one as he gets older. Keep up the good work! Yay mommies!

  8. Bianca de Boer says:

    i shared your video with some of my young mom friends. Thank you! Do you know of any video devotionals for moms (bonus if for moms of young kids)?

  9. Nikki Schumacher Official says:

    I loved your unstructured bible time with coloring. I'll have to try doing it that way to spice things up! ❤️

  10. Cierra says:

    Thanks for this!! Very inspirational

  11. Stevie says:

    Your son waved hi just after I waved at him!

  12. Katie Sottile says:

    omg- I LOVE this! So excited to get this idea for my 2 & 3 year old. My daughter's name is Fiona too!! 🙂 Great minds. Thanks for having the boldness and creativity to post this. LOVE it!

  13. mom's a mess says:

    I love this! such a great idea!!!

  14. Dani Paul says:

    Are you a Christian?

  15. Juliet Begay says:

    I've been looking into going into some kind of religion. I feel my family and I need some structure. We are Native American and we have our traditions, values, and teachings, but I wanted to add into that. My kids, 11 and 8, do go to a non-denominational group once a week, how could we build upon that? I am asking out of curiosity because I'm still on the fence if my own beliefs will not be accepted by any denomination.

  16. None Ofyourbusiness says:

    I love this idea! I tried so hard to institute a daily devotional time with my three girls (5, 4, & 15mos) and they would whine and complain when it was "Bible time" which broke my heart! I don't ever want time with God to be something that is forced or unpleasant for them! Maybe this relaxed approach will help all of us to enjoy our devotional time more! Thank you for sharing this!

  17. Vivi Home Studio says:

    I loved this video! It was very inspirational for me to try this as a morning routine with my family! Super super thanks! Could you share the books you use for devocional with the kids?
    Be blessed!

  18. ShawnMHowell says:

    Just discovered your channel and am going to look into the book you mentioned in this video. I very much appreciate the vulnerability you show in the video and the realness of being a mom. I only have one child and things are messy and chaotic at times. Looking forward to watching more of your past videos!

  19. amyNbabies says:

    This is my first video of yours; I saw you comment on Kelsey's good-bye video, and I have talked to Kelsey as well so checked out your channel. Toooootally love this! And by the way, love your kitchen. I will have to see about doing this with my littles. I have a 4 year old girl, 2 year old boy, and 7 month old girl. Just subscribed. Have a good day!

  20. Elizabeth Self says:

    Love this Jamie !!! Thank you!! Bless u:)

  21. Kelly Anne Smith - Freedom In A Budget says:

    Wow that is an awesome book!