Morning Bible Study Setup FINISHED

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  1. Julie M says:

    In goodnotes can you do written text to font? That might help with your “messy” – which I don’t think is – handwriting and help you move more to digital 🙂

  2. byron mace says:

    inspired by your video ty: Prayer: Change me Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ACTION;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;The Gospel Works// #percolates  in our hearts   and comes OUT through our hands and our feet/  witness
    The Holy Spirit has come** to LIVE IN my heart to LIVE OUT the Gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scripture on fire in me is fuel for my prayer life.  fervent reading/ studying is—means fervent prayer as the Holy Spirit quickens the Scripture.  

    ****Luke 24:45  hit me
    Luke 24:45
    Then {Jesus} opened their minds to understand the Scriptures


    passages studied: Luke 24:45, Heb 4:12; John 10:10; James 5:13-18; Eph 2:1-5; Col 2:13; Ps 23:5-6

  3. Ren says:

    Jason you are always presenting innovative ways to study the bible. Thanks for another great video!

  4. Randolph McPhoy says:

    I use a writing app as well but it is to do my observation of the text. It's a mess…lol.

  5. Donna Regan says:

    Glad to see you well!

  6. andy ickes says:

    Great video! When can we get another Bill Cosby imitation?

  7. Vanessa May says:

    Love my pilot 0.7 used mainly for sketchbook.

  8. Pastor Terry Brown says:

    Help me bro

  9. Recovering Know It All says:

    My "set up": Cambridge wide margin kjv, note book, Dr. Horner's reading plan (modified only slightly), 1-2hrs in the early morning after waking up but before my shower, and the Holy Spirit as my guide. Oswald chambers My Utmost for His Highest and maybe Streams in the Desert by Charles Cowman to finish strong. Nuff said.

  10. Brit Eddy says:

    I appreciate this video. To enhance your Bible study and your time in the Bible, I find it is good to watch videos, not to copy as-is, but to identify study tips that might work for yourself. It is important to know your learning style. Thank you.

  11. Anna Mattos says:

    I've been following your reading plan to go through the New Testament in three months, it is a great one! Thank you!!! ❤

  12. Lory Vuletich says:

    I use the pilot Juice .38 in my Bible they have a set with every color you could want even YELLOW lol

  13. George Mayfield says:

    so, are you related to any of the Mayfield's around Stephenville Texas? from George Mayfield

  14. Sweet Home North Carolina says:

    Just out of curiosity, what LOGOS package, are you using?

  15. Daze3Daze says:

    What “crazy good” fact book are you looking at?

  16. Shawn Moshier says:

    Thanks for sharing; great & helpful content.

  17. Kim Paschal says:

    Jason this was very helpful and helped solve an issue. I read from Logos but I get distracted with the features so now I know to do the “read only” mode and then go back and put in the “helpful tools” to study with! Thanks!

  18. Chad Brooks says:

    And now I know why I’ve been getting new subs all morning. Thanks for the shout out bro. And one day I will finally make that video about my markup style.

  19. Manel Telcy says:

    This guy is just awesome! Great video.

  20. Ivan Lopez says:

    Great video, I love when you create videos like this

  21. sandersang63 {Angie} says:

    Thank you…..I learn from you and you make me laugh! Blessings

  22. Chad Brooks says:

    .38 crew
    It’s the best.

  23. Chad Brooks says:


  24. Rodney Ochs says:

    It’s good have you back.. looking forward to the book preorder!

  25. arnold ormita says:

    Hello pastor watching in the Philippines.

  26. Fatine Rainey says:

    Hi Jason. Great set up. It's good to see you in action and laughing. I love it.