Modern and Postmodern Theology Christian Story II

Professor Lief

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  1. Jay Kumar says:

    Are you also a Roman Catholic

  2. Daniel de Oliveira says:

    The second half of this video is very misleading.
    You're extremely naive in relation to atheism in general and Marxism in particular. The MOST BRUTAL ideology in the face of the earth has no morals to judge Christianity and Christians.
    These Marxists are the SUPREME manifestation of pharisaism in the worst sense. They never condemn, and are fast to justify, the terrible cruelty of Communist leaders Fidel and Guevara (that bragged about killing massively in the name of revolution!!!).
    Head tip to you: Liberation "Theology" is only an arm of the international and globalist revolutionary movement. (Get out of your bubble and read about it)
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Filipe Santos says:

    Great video!