Mitchell and Webb: Does God Exist?

Laszlo Toth

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  1. Lookoutitsdomke says:

    It would surely be much simpler to say that there is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that there is a god and it is just easiest to assume there isn't. Much like how we do with unicorns, fairies, and midgets.

  2. fishyc150 says:

    It certainly is a yes/no answer.
    It's that people don't know the answer.

  3. AndDiracisHisProphet says:

    there isn't

  4. William Gaule says:

    That was funny. Shame it wasn't longer. Make the video longer and make it longer now. I like long videos.

  5. DrFelixPhD says:


  6. Professional Meme Enthusiast 1 says:

    Robert looks like Lord Flashheart here

  7. BillHicks420 says:

    They are wrong about what agnosticism means.

  8. POINT BLEAK says:

    Johnson's mustache has sized up

  9. Phillip James says:

    that is so rainbow rhythms.

  10. MaoTseFunkadelic says:

    The panel is closer to how I write. Raymond Terrific is closer to how I read. :/

  11. Lostintime says:

    bloody atheists are just dumb like everyone else

  12. Pul5ar says:

    Raymond Horrific XD

  13. Darth Vestius says:


  14. Victor Walsh says:

    I can think of two answers just of the top of my head!

  15. Necrobadger says:

    When tasked with a question based on something it's impossible to prove, you have to go with the most likely answer, regardless of anyone's feelings or ideals. So no, there is not a god, that is the absolute answer until new information becomes available. Easy.

  16. Adam Mangler says:

    … one minute and 27 seconds – that's longer than anyone should spend on the question :0)

  17. cmrules says:

    oh make the tea!!!

  18. crazy7chameleon says:


  19. DealerCamel says:

    Because of this sketch I thought for years that a balalaika was a kind of drum.

  20. Brandon Martin-Moore says:

    This is perfect.

  21. Luke S. says:

    This is just missing Super Hans.

  22. Daniel Rhodes says:

    I don't think there being a God or not should matter on this plane of existence. If you uphold good morals and believe in the virtues of truth and goodness, then whether it be out of your own principle or a fear of consequences from a higher being shouldn't apply.

  23. Daniel Stacey says:

    Mitchell and Webb is a bit hit and miss I find. This is a miss.

  24. MOONFLOW says:

    Ah, a humorous and thoughtful commentary on the Media's superficial willingness to interrogate life's biggest questions in a short-form television enactment.

  25. mrbtapir says:

    This is a less good rip off of A Partridge Over Britain.

  26. Gaming Atheist says:

    Lol most conversations online.