Miracles: True Testimonies of Life Changing Events

These are true stories of miracles, divine intervention, Good Samaritans, and the power of prayer.

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Shattered Paradise

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  1. Shattered Paradise says:

    Every time I post one of these videos I always look forward to hearing your comments, your feedback and testimonies expressing love for our Heavenly Father. I pray everyone is having a good day and may the Holy Spirit minster to all of you. Please feel free to share, like and subscribe. Please support Shattered Paradise by purchasing
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  2. Jeannie Castleberry says:


  3. Natalia M. King says:

    Thank You*

  4. Marguerite Feroli says:

    What a great video and that last story just hit me right in the heart. I've have 2 fake hips as I call them and lately have been experiencing a great deal of pain everyday with my sciatic nerve it feels like a bolt of electricity going down my leg accompanied by pins and needles that burn and come out of nowhere the pain is so bad I'm afraid to sit, bend down or move because I never no when the nerve will be pinched causing the pain, I own my own tiny business hand lettering signs and I am busy so this pain I have been having has made things very tough so I thought hay wait a minute I no I can pray this away I no all I have to do is ask God to make it go away I always pray for my family, friends and others and I believe or no my prayers are heard and I've prayed in the past and ive always always always been taken care of so I prayed for God to take the pain away. I'm am not surprised but am very happy that once again God heard my prayers and when I woke up this morning I haven't had even one attack no pain. I no this is nothing compared to this gentleman's cancer but to me and says so much and confirms that all a person needs is faith and to ask and he or she will receive. I thank you my Father in Heaven and I love you so much it brings tears to my eyes when I hear others that feel the same way. What a Great Channell GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  5. Catherine Apicella says:

    I was sitting here depressed when I happen to see the miracles from God and realized how much I needed to get back to church. Thank you.

  6. Ajay says:

    Good testimonies
    Nice to see Society of St. Vincent de Paul mentioned here… Am a member of the society

  7. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    Greg said Thank You BEFORE he received YHWH Gift of remission.
    He worked on that beautiful old Church while he was undergoing treatment. Through the debilitating effects, he worked his labor of Love.

    Praise God Almighty for this testimony, in the perfect act of FAITH. Thankful for the definition.

  8. Casey Frederick says:

    Yo how the ffff did that kid survive!

  9. Bryan Sphere says:

    God bless this man who washed the homeless persons feet. What a wonderful person who was loving people exactly like Jesus!

  10. brenda atkins says:

    Thnx for sharing the miracles n blessings of all of the beautiful ppl (and their families) who were blessed with second chances in their lives. Being Native Amer, we have our traditional spiritual ways of praying together in a sweatlodge, afterwards attending a ceremony with a Medicine Man or Healer who helps ppl who are in need. In early 2000 an aunt of mine had asked for my help inviting me and my kids to sweats and ceremony, she had cancer, leukemia. While joining my family, I was tld that I too had the same cancer, we had also both had rheumatoid arthritis, we had found that a certain type of medication had caused the onset of cancer. Our tribal health facility had allowed the Healer to travel back and forth from Wisconsin every month to help us. Within about 5 mos we lost my aunt, the cancer had been too far advanced. It was hard on my family, she had been the one who kept our family together, she left behind 3 kids and her husband. She had also been like a mother to me and had literally saved my life once before, I and my 4 bros lost our mom when we were 4-8 yrs old. It was hard bc I had feelings of guilt, she was gone and I but still here. But for her I tried to remain strong and continue getting help. Within this time an uncle had joined us, he was tld by Drs that he had a certain type of cancer, that nothing could be done for him and was given a couple of mos to live. During the 6th mo the cancers for both of us had gone into remission but returned within a mo. At the end of the 12th mo the cancers that we both had had had again gone into remission and had never returned. My uncle is in his 90's but looks to be in his 60's, being a rancher he's still a hard working man. I definitely believe in prayer, miracles and blessings. Although today I live with the rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disk disease, I try not to question this and remain close to Creator or God. In the early 90's I had had a spiritual experience as a result of working through a 12 step program, after being an alcoholic at 25 I had nothing to lose and the awful craving to drink was taken away, for the first time in my life I had felt this beautiful feeling of love, felt a sense of peace within my heart and mind. It was my aunt and an uncle who hadn't given up on me. I've lost my parents and 4 brothers to alcohol related deaths, the hardest heartbreaks in my life. I also try not questioning why. I have 4 precious beautiful children and 6 grandchildren who're my reasons for being. I thank God for blessing our lives. God bless*

  11. Jose Otero says:

    Praise God always, Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen

  12. karma sutra says:

    go , your faith saved you…i heard it somewhere.

  13. karma sutra says:

    thank u 4 the hope u bring to humanity

  14. Maurice Mungin says:

    May Jesus Christ bless you all.

  15. Jeannie Castleberry says:

    God is always good

  16. PJ Sev says:

    I'd watch the mainstream news if it was like this. <3

  17. Cathy Davis says:

    By the grace of God. God Bless

  18. Ghost says:

    The one with the kid sinking made me cry