Miracle Prayer for Activating Healings and Blessings CD

The New Miracle Prayer Series: Activating Healing and Blessings

When I was a young boy, I used to carry a small leather bound New Testament in my back pocket. Sometimes my friends would ask me why I kept a Bible with me all the time. I told them that I wanted to have something to read close by. They knew that I liked to read everything that I could get my hands on. I never told them the real reason.

The town that I grew up in was very small. It was Idyllic on the surface, but very violent and poverty stricken underneath the facade. The population was composed primarily of farming and mill town folk who liked to drink and party when they were not working. There were over a dozen churches within a 1.5 mile radius of each other, but they were full on any given Sunday. The combination of poverty, underemployment, and alcohol led to a plethora of fights, shootings, and crime that continues today in poor areas like my home town. The Bible that I carried made me feel safe. I read a page each day, usually Psalms, Corinthians, or Revelations. To this day, I scan and read the Bible in some form. It gives me a sense of peace.

My wife and I formed a company around texts from the Ancient Bible. We noticed that reading the Bible was something that we had in common. We both scanned the Zohar and read the ancient texts on a regular basis. Since that time, we have noted that healing miracles regularly accompany the use of ancient Hebrew. I grew up Christian, as did my wife, but the power of the Hebrew words and letters was like nothing we had ever seen before. It is true that the original language of the Bible is Aramaic/Hebrew. Legend has it that the reading of the original Hebrew text of the Bible was often accompanied by miraculous events, healings, and magical occurrences.

Ancient Hebrew scholars stated that if a person properly spoke the letters and words of the Hebrew language, anything was possible.

According to legend, God used the Bible as a blueprint for his work of creating the universe. The 22 Hebrew letters in pre-determined combinations were used to accomplish this task. Those letters therefore represent the physical forces used in the creation process.

Today, new evidence confirms the idea that the original text of the Hebrew Bible is multi-layered and goes much deeper than the surface story. Mysterious codes embedded in the text contain information that could have not been written or obtained by human beings. When you assign a musical note to each letter in the Bible, music emerges.

Thus, Divine music was discovered encoded in the Hebrew text of the Bible! It is beautiful and meditative. Some of the music sounds like ocean waves, other parts lift the spirit and fill the listener with joy.

An old Jewish legend tells us that, “he who possesses the knowledge of how to form the right combination of Hebrew sounds can accomplish anything”. This music may be just another “delivery method” of those powerful forces and actually has the same effect on people (or matter) as the Hebrew text has when it is read aloud.

The parts of the recording that sounds like music are just as powerful as the spoken words.

My wife and I have discovered that if you add the music of the bible to the prayers in their ancient Hebrew form, the power of the prayers were enhanced exponentially. From this discovery, we have discovered the equivalent of a spiritual treasure chest.

For years we have helped people with the one Miracle Prayer that we released. Now, we have the technology and the understanding necessary to release hundreds of new Miracle Prayers with specific properties, in the original Hebrew.

The first Miracle Prayer is a general prayer that evokes the power of the Creator. We have received hundreds and hundreds of testimonials confirming the power of this prayer. Now, we have the ability to release New Miracle Prayers that can address very specific conditions. These prayers are taken from ancient texts and may be used for helping one with prosperity, health, luck, jobs, relationships, chronic illness, negative spirits, good fortune, and a host of other arenas in life.

Combining the musical energy of the Hebrew letters with the original Hebrew text is a powerful leap in spiritual technology. We hope to see a huge increase in the number of miracles and transformations occur as a result of using this new technology.
I believe that I have used this knowledge in other lifetimes.

Carrying around a small tattered New Testament in my back pocket was probably my way of reminding myself of my life’s true mission. I can see that now.

The New Miracle Prayer to Activate Healings and Blessings utilizes the latest Biblical Healing Technology that we have discovered. There are three critical components to this and other recordings of its genre that we will soon release.

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Mitchell Gibson

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