May 2019: Image & Likeness: Developing a Biblical Worldview by Fr. Dn. Daniel Dozier


From May 2019 Shared Inheritance conference, “Growing in the Likeness of God: Eastern Spirituality in the modern world”.

Genesis 1:26-27 contains the phrase “image and likeness” in reference to God’s creation of humanity. This talk will explore the biblical and contextual meaning of this phrase and its implications for an authentic Christian spiritual life. We’ll examine both the narrative and cultural context of Genesis and what these together actually communicate about our nature and potential as human persons in our relationship with God, humanity and creation.

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  1. Things We Never Did says:

    "Shekinah" is a word that comes from late, Rabbinic Judaism. It is not from Biblical Hebrew. I don't know why so many Christians have taken to this term so uncritically.