Masonic Bible and King James Bible

Two different Masonic Bibles and the King James Bible.

The Christian Buddist

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  1. Michelle Short says:

    Quit their shenanigans the Lord has his Remnant the anointed ones who cannot be fooled all those Bibles are perverted

  2. Lea KINDNESSHAPPY says:

    All we need to know are the scripture that speak on love and respect, Charity good work's, family life etc. the foundation of true faith.

    The rest is pretty much the word and work of the evil.

  3. Sonny Bedez says:

    Wow that brother was initiated, passed, and raised within weeks

  4. NJ B says:

    Im not a King James onlyist, but the King James Bible is the best translation of the Bible in English by far. 95% to 97% of the manuscripts they had when the King James was written supported the King James(the rest were Alexandrian perverted manuscripts), not to mention the recently discovered Dead Sea scrolls which support the King James. All of the modern Bibles have major contradictions in them. Give me specific questions of what you think is wrong with the KJV and we'll debate on it.

  5. astav says:

    The Christian Buddhist? Seriously?

  6. Chris Boyle says:

    Holy fuck, these fools are even worse than i thought, and i already knew they were seriously fucked up……so thats saying something

  7. Gaffner89 Gaffner says:

    what about god

  8. blackbeard777 says:

    Masons worship BAAL

  9. MyJoselopes says:

    Catholic and bible Christian is not the same

  10. MyJoselopes says:

    What King James Bible is being shown ??? A little lie with truth is a lie

  11. NJ B says:

    The masons did not write the King James Bible, because King James was not a mason.

  12. folden rim says:

    Watch "Flat Earth What is inside a Freemason KJV Bible ?" on YouTube

  13. 333grace says:

    Christian Buddish? You cannot have both. Jesus Christ is the only way.

  14. BoriquaAteo says:

    So what no bible is original all are copies of copies of copies and each are politically bias I amm not surprised

  15. Edmon Lazar says:

    They hand it out for free? Hahahaa correct your info buddy:)

  16. Valentino IsLove says:

    Jesus is theres too! the true name is Yeshua in the Hebrew text!

  17. murk mercenaryjobs says:

    people who are considered Mason Macy's about construction and believe in God you don't know how about glue kit half a crew or 35% of 25% of a crew go to church imagine what got the cat kill curiosity

  18. murk mercenaryjobs says:

    what you now abouth free mason came one talk second stop talking out of your ass kid they don't hang out books for free and they don't get to the specific morons like you for free hey to come up Freemason and be a Freemason and then you talk about God before you talk about Freemasonry

  19. murk mercenaryjobs says:

    this kid is not Masonic Mason you need to come and Masonic Mason to understand what's going on you should come a Mason maybe you understand what you talking about like the rest of the world just likes to talk out of their ass Steam

  20. murk mercenaryjobs says:

    this kid is joke on real life jajajajajaja

  21. Bill says:

    Did you actually say Christian Buddhist, you just poked Yahweh right dead in the eye and condemned your own flesh, there are no such things as different types of Christians, there actually are no Christians that are of yahshua or the Creator y'all way. Christians Mingle God's word, with false worship , followers of yahshua the son of Yahweh, are not in bondage free from the traditions of men and can praise at anytime their creator Yahweh in the name of the son yahshua…

  22. Brenda Kline says:

    King James Bible is supposed to be free as well but people are so greedy they sell them.

  23. Bernard Sussman says:

    All three of the Bibles this guy is showing you are KJV Bibles. The two Masonic editions have extra pages with illustrations about Solomon's Temple and other Masonic lore, but the Bible text of all three is King James. This guy makes a big deal of the Masons "giving away" that altar bible to initiates – believe me, by the time someone is an Initiate, he's spent quite a chunk of change on the Masons. As for this fellow's claim that the Mason's had some control over the original text of the KJV itself, that is absurd and without any evidence at all.

  24. James Goodrum says:

    I respectively say your incorrect.

  25. Carol White says:

    King james was a free mason. Anyway Buddha was protected by a serpent called the mucalinda. Look into it.

  26. Juan Blackwell says:

    This guys an idiot ….

  27. Juan Blackwell says:

    Another guy that has no clue doing a