Lutheranism 101 ~ Week 14 ~ Vocation

Lutheranism one zero one – Chapter 11 – Who’s Got the Energy?

This 7 days we examine our contacting or vocation and the three main realms developed by God – Church, Relatives, and Federal government.

– Chapter seven of “God at Function: Your Christian Vocation in All of Daily life” by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

Lutheranism one zero one – a series explaining what we believe that and why we believe that it. If you are intrigued in this course, make sure you look at obtaining the book “Lutheranism one zero one” from Concordia Publishing Residence. See Pastor for issues.

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  1. slimSomnambulance says:

    Thank you for posting the video.

  2. thethikboy says:

    Wow – a bit late on the draw aren't we? After listening to your talks- I have to say i''m not impressed with your reasoning powers in defense of a Lutheran dogmatism, especially regarding homosexuality. Jesus never broached the topic. One can easily infer from Jesus' statements, like the Catholics do , that divorce is a sin. Nevertheless it is commonplace among most Christians, Catholic and Reformed alike. This still has nothing to do with homosexuality.

  3. Bob Hiller says:

    Also, it is worth reading Luther on marriage. He doesn't believe it is a sacrament and thus ends up holding it in a higher regard!

  4. Bob Hiller says:

    thethikboy, thanks for the comments! For what it is worth, it wasn't me who said God designed marriage, but Jesus when explaining the problems of divorce. I do assume Genesis to be true, for what it is worth. But, for the sake of argument, let's say it is only a myth. What is the point of the myth which suggests that God made the two to be one, seperated from parents, and they were to fill the earth? It is hard to suggest that this implies that we can sort of culturally define marriage.

  5. thethikboy says:

    "adam and eve make homosexuality against God's design: argument – is way simplistic – assuming that Genesis is literally true – and most important that the purpose of marriage is procreation merely. Childless marriages in that case should be terminated or are cetainly un-natural – and in what respect are Adam and Eve married ? – marriage being a social institution – full with witnesses and public ceremony.
    Luther with good reason removed it from the Catholic list of sacraments.