LIVE MIRACLES! Powerful Gospel Healing Crusade in the Philippines with Peter Elias


Impressive Healing PRAYER in open air road gospel miracle campaign in the Philippines with evangelist peter elias. Check out the daily life reworking video clip and BE HEALED and Free in JESUS CHRIST. Ship your prayer ask for:
Soli Deo Gloria. AMEN. Peter Elias Evangelistic Ministries

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Peter Elias Channel

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  1. Peter Nakogee says:

    Yes there are God given preachers to spread his words to his people for example Billy Graham and you Peter but when there is no Billy and Peter around Rosaries every day is best to resign. My late mother when to this kind of gathering, She said She saw Jesus coming to her and touched her. She could felt the preacher was holy and speaks the truth. I do not go to these kind of gathering because there too far away. this video was healing.

  2. lovezakiyah says:

    Thanks for all your work in the Philippines, helping the poor and preaching the gospel.

  3. Joysweiss Carter says:

    Thank you evangelist peter.

  4. york1douglas says:

    great healing street service with a very relevant messages for today about God’s healing saving power.

  5. Barbara Mcneil says:

    You can really feel the supernatural healing power of the Holy Spirit in this meeting. Thanks for sharing this bold preaching.

  6. Garbiel Angel says:

    Please check out this video with Rev. Peter Elias. Please watch and share.

  7. girlie34allison says:

    Where do I submit prayer requests? Thanks for the nice sermon.

  8. adrianna1martin says:

    Thank you for sharing this video.

  9. 1ajia1987 says:

    Watch this powerful gospel miracle video with evangelist peter elias. Powerful anointing and God’s presence in this miracle service. Soli Deo Gloria.

  10. unavoidable11love says:

    amazing healing meeting! Cool to see street meetings with thousands of people. The gospel is alive.

  11. Props2Boot says:

    Powerful anointing in this meeting. God bless all who are watching this video.

  12. Danny Drake says:

    Thanks for spreading the healing loving gospel of Jesus Christ.

  13. Thalia B. says:

    We need more full gospel preachers like this. Keep spreading the healing fire of the gospel. Thanks for helping the poor with humanitarian relief.

  14. 1supergirlkara says:

    Please watch this healing prayer and share with your friends.

  15. Chica Pablita says:

    great healing prayer full of power. Powerful presence of the supernatural healing gospel.

  16. latifa brown says:

    Thanks for sharing your ministry video in the Philippines. Thanks for helping the people there. God bless.

  17. InterNtlDeeJayz says:

    powerful preaching by evangelist peter elias. Keep posting more teaching videos.

  18. Mark says:

    Awesome healing crusade video with very bold preaching full of power. Thank you for the preyer as well.

  19. Peter Elias Channel says: