Lifeway Bible Study For Life February 10 Teaching Genesis

Lifeway Bible Study for Life for February 10 – Get help teaching it
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  1. Scot Conway says:

    Thank you for your video.

    I think we would all benefit greatly from ongoing, daily investment in our marriages! Spouses should always be partners, not opponents! They should always be the first object of our loving acts and any loving impulse we might have.

    The first time I was learning the No Divorce Rule I was also learning about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. One of the pastors I've followed on-and-off over the years is very specific. "Did Jesus say abuse was a reason for divorce? Do you trust Jesus?" The church I attended back in the day had a teaching that amounted to "God says, but…" because they specifically said that God did not allow divorce for abuse of a spouse or child, but as a church they had a policy that specifically did allow it. I've seen churches allow legal divorce for already separated spouses so that the debts incurred by one spouse who is off doing whatever s/he is doing on their own and doesn't have equal access to children because one cannot keep an addicted, wandering spouse from having access to children without some kind of court action – but while they were divorced under the law, they were still married in the eyes of God, so no new relationship was permitted because while legally divorced, they were still spiritually married.

    I've seen a lot of ways to handle this across many churches over the years!

  2. GodsOHman says:

    Thank you for your video