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How many times has someone said to you “But what about Leviticus?!?” This is our response.

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  1. Adam Goodword says:

    Why just focus on Leviticus??
    There are so many scriptures throughout the bible that address this topic, yet the preachers won't preach it and the lazy people won't bother studying the bible entirely to understand what is being preached.
    These people fall into judgment through their own laziness and ignorance.
    This is why it is important to study the bible. Really look at what is being said. Read it over and over. Watch the movie versions of the Gospels and Acts. Pray and study. People need to go deeper and not just skim the surface hoping the answers will be easy pickings.

  2. Adam Goodword says:

    This is my response to religious preachers : "Read 1 Corinthians 6 verses 9, 10 AND 11."
    Too many religious preachers will quote verses 9 and 10 but intentionally leave out verse 11 which says that Jesus can save all those people mentioned in 9 & 10.
    They are supposed to be Christians and therefore they are supposed to be preaching about Jesus, but they leave Jesus out of the picture which turns the bible into a message of hate and rejection when in fact it is not. So then if they aren't preaching Jesus you have to ask yourself, are these preachers truly Christian. The answer is no.

    They preach hatred, condemnation and rejection to the sinners.
    Jesus came to save the lost, the sinners.
    Jesus himself said that prostitutes and tax collectors would be entering into the kingdom of heaven ahead of all the religious pharisees/teachers.
    The bible also says that there will be many who will say "Lord Lord did I not preach in your name"… etc etc … and Jesus will tell these religious preachers "depart from me, I never knew you".

    Unless a preacher preaches in love then they are not Christian and do not represent Jesus and Christianity. The Lord does not know them.

    The truth is that we are ALL sinners and that Jesus died for ALL men.
    We all need Jesus, black or white, gay or straight, Jew or gentile…… all men have come short of the glory of the Lord and therefore all men need Jesus.

    I always say to people, it is better to follow Jesus than to reject Him and end up spending all eternity with the religious preachers in hell.

  3. Stephen Vinson says:

    I understand concentrating on parts of Leviticus that seem benign and harmless to us….as gay folks…..but read the passage that says that if God makes a law …but you don't know about it and you break it…you are just as guilty as one who is aware of the law and intentionally breaks it….NO …throw the whole damn thing out …..crazy…and harmful to us. I appreciate what you had to say here …yet it provided no comfort or reconciliation whatsoever.

  4. Jackson Heathen says:

    Leviticus (like the rest of the bible) is full of goobleygook (much of which makes little sense). Some verses admittedly sound enlightened when they stand alone, while huge of it parts are both vile & offensive. I'm neither a christian or a gay man. But Leviticus does unequivocally condemn homosexuality. So I'm baffled why you would want to defend it.

  5. Aubrey William says:

    Leelah alcorn was a queer Christian