Lecrae – I'll Find You (Video) ft. Tori Kelly


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Director: Mike Mihail
Production Company: Guerilla Hollywood
Director of Photography: Alfonso Aguilar
Producers: Eric Criswell and Rachel Horvath
Editor: Tinashe Nyatanga
Commissioner: Saul Levitz

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  1. Andrea Hopper says:

    i cried

  2. Danielle Keenan says:

    Such a powerful song

  3. Audria Aviles says:

    This song is truly a blessing to me I’m 11 year old and this song reminded me cause years ago when my grampa was a kid he had been told not to go in the street and he did and he got ran over by a car. His mom was heart broken she started praying and praying! Then she got bad news that my grampa had a lot of broken bones and won’t be able to walk again. But that did not make her stop praying and give up. She kept praying and then it was like an angel was right above us my grampa’s eyes opened and he was perfectly fine no broken bones and he could walk. This was a miracle and until this day he is perfectly fine. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!! P.S he is now on TLC living his best life

  4. Audriana Aviles says:

    I was and still are going though hard times and I am 11 years old and both of my parents started doing drugs when I was 5 years old and I got put in foster care because all this happened and when I was 4 years old my stepdad was so sick because he drank so much that he ended up dying when he was 33 years old. And also when I was just a little baby I choked and almost died but thanks to my aunt I am alive right now. And for about 3 or 4 years I was being melested. So please just pray for me and my family. My mom and dad are doing much better now my dad and mom got a house and I are trying there hardest to get me and my sister.

  5. Dillon Watson says:

    *"(that happen to me)", thanks yall

  6. Angel Calamia says:

    I’ll find u

  7. arthanius1 says:

    Just became a fan, Lecrae. So this performance at NCYC 2021. Your message was off da hook. But this video… Man, this video had me in tears. You hit on a teaching we Christian's know about, but hardly talk about – the Communion of Saints. The vid depicts a little girl in the presence of God, visiting the other children, bringing them joy and service. You probably don't know this, but this situation happened with a famous saint – St. John Neumann, who appeared to a young boy who was in the hospital – he was close to death. A priest visited his Parents and told them he will ask St. John Neumann to pray for him, leaving them a prayer card of St. John Neumann. One day the mother came into the room and saw a little boy with a baseball cap, by the side of her son. He left the room, and did not speak. The mother followed him, but he disappeared. The next, the sick little boy was found sitting up eating. The parents were in shock. The boy told the story that a little boy with a baseball cap came to visit him, and wanted him to play baseball. The sick boy said it was the little boy in back of the Prayer Card. It was St. John Neumann who appeared to him, telling him through love of Baseball, everything will alright. It was on Unsolved Mysteries. If you can find it, see it.

    Thank you for being an inspiration amigo!

  8. LinSooNails says:

    Pain strengthens the soul. I believe that.

  9. Trang To says:

    Thank you for the song. It is so touching!

  10. Demetrius King says:

    This song speaks to me

  11. Total Annihilation Fitness says:

    Bryson Gray wannabe

  12. Samira Porter says:

    I met him in a 18 year old. I love you God.

  13. Matale Matale says:

    if you love JESUS?

  14. Gabriela Sampaio says:

    Rumo aos 100 milhões de visualizações desse clipe

  15. LaRue and Vargas #christian#music#comedy says:

    We are former 80s writer and artist. We left the industry. Praise God. Now we just started a channel to minister while door dashing.

  16. Nichole says:

    I see you everywhere because I live with him it was just so hard

  17. Nichole says:

    The song brought me through my grandpa's death

  18. Kasianique Rolle says:


  19. Laura Short says:

    I say pain strengthens and fear dries faith.. "TRUTH"

  20. BGSV chanell says:

    Rejuvenates my energy any time I listen to it ..

  21. Joanna Smith says:

    GOD will find you

  22. musicmaster52 says:

    God bless you all!!!!!!!!

  23. randall kids says:

    i lisen to this song and it helps me deal with deppresion

  24. Angel Santiago says:

    He is coming sooner than anybody will ever realize he is my lord and savior he is all that holds my life mind body spirit and soul together my name is angel and he is a big part of my life I'm a orphan who grew up with no parents nobody to call his own nobody to help raise the right way so I raised myself into my faith my Bible is all that matters to me that which stands for basic instructions before leaving earth God is my lord and savior which his son Jesus Christian saved my soul from the darkness within and now I live everyday for him knowing that he loves me so much that my faith is so strong nobody can take it from me cause I won't sell my soul for fortune or fame and I will abide by his gods ten commandments that is why sword shield and armor is that of God's and his holy and most trusted soilder Jesus I pray that everybody stays life in Jesus name of the father the son and the holy ghost amen stay blessed nomatter what

  25. Samuel Alcime says:

    Me gusta ese cancion Dios mio

  26. onyedum chinenye says:

    Heard the song when going home
    I get soo inspired and high spirited
    "Do not let the fear make you feel you can't do this on your own"
    I am really trying to loose weight, my relationship is crazy, my job is driving me insane but trust me this song lifts my soul, i just say "I am ok"

  27. Rickey Rosamond says:

    Loved it!!!!

  28. K.X.L.I.Y.X.H says:

    0:501:05 is my favorite part