LEARN TO PRAY for Muslims, Hindus, Christians & Buddhists – FREE PRAYER GUIDE

Obtain Absolutely free PRAYER Guidebook NOW: http://details.febc.org/earth-religions-prayer-share-guide?utm_resource=youtube&utm_medium=descritption&utm_material=043&utm_marketing campaign=prayerguide

Currently, throughout a great deal of the earth, the fields are ripe and completely ready for harvest (John 4:35). Billions of folks still do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We will need to act promptly, with a enthusiasm for prayer and an pleasure for sharing the Gospel.

That is why we’re issuing a challenge to all FEBC partners and close friends right now.

For the next 4 weeks, we want you to be part of us in powerful, intercessory prayer for the globally ministry of FEBC and for people in your everyday living who do not yet know Jesus Christ.

To that conclude, we made a model-new Prayer & Share Guidebook. Stuffed with prayer requests, this guide will aid you know how to pray successfully for our ministry about the earth.

Also, the guide is stuffed with handy info about the beliefs and hopes of folks who adhere to other religions. You can not only achieve insight… but also study how to pray successfully for people who you should not know Christ and share your religion!

FEBC (Considerably East Broadcasting Firm) is an international Christian missions organization that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ through local radio station broadcasts. Utilizing present day missions systems, we share the Gospel in fifty countries and 130 languages through cellular units, streaming world wide web plans, and radio broadcasts. Our Christian radio ministry has challenge spots in countries all more than Asia, the Center East, and Africa. By broadcasting Christian messages through radio, we are equipped to get to folks with the Gospel wherever classic missionaries won’t be able to, these as the Muslim earth, persecuted Christians in limited countries, and unreached folks teams.


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  1. Chong Sab says:

    You are right. It is the same as I. I don't even know how to preach Jesus Christ to the Muslim for it is like a taboo to many I know.

  2. FEBC says:

    This is good information, thank you for sharing. The prayer guide download expands upon this, and tells about the stark differences between the way Allah is described and the characteristics of the one true God: the God of the Bible. It's by no means exhaustive, but its a great start to learn more about what Muslims believe and how we as Christians can evangelize to them and share the truth, love, and hope of Jesus Christ.

  3. FEBC says:

    Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear the prayer guide will be a great resource to you!

  4. WasLostButNowAmFound says:

    God Bless! In Singapore i am exposed to all the major religions. This will really help me!

  5. FEBC says:

    All for the Kingdom of God!

  6. FEBC says:

    Praise God! Let's continue to join together as brothers and sisters in Christ to lift up and pray for those who do not yet know Him!

  7. Emily Nicole says:

    I love this so much. I usually skip all the ads that come on, but I had to watch this one. Brought tears into my eyes. I will be God's witness. Thank you for the encouragement!!

  8. FEBC says:

    This is really the heart behind this video, that others would be inspired, as this women was, to organize prayer gatherings using this guide to pray for people who don't know Jesus Christ. And also to be moved into action to love people in their communities.

  9. FEBC says:

    We were so encouraged to receive this personal message from someone who saw the video and prayer guide:

    "Your labor (FEBC) your efforts, your time, your gifts, your talents, your prayers, your heart for missions and to spread the gospel has not been in vain. Be encouraged…and know that God is pleased. Many will see and the will respond. Please pray for me as I organize a special prayer & worship gathering using the video and prayer guide that you have provided. God bless you abundantly"

  10. FEBC says:

    Amen! It's encouraging to see your heart for people all around the world, and joining many in prayer!

  11. FEBC says:

    Thanks for replying Eric, I think you make a great point. God definitely loves atheists and they are important to him and to us at Far East Broadcasting. In fact, we have radio & internet programs all over the world that are specifically created for atheists- so that they might come to know Jesus Christ. This prayer guide has a "world religions" theme but does not attempt to be all inclusive of every belief in the world.

  12. FEBC says:

    We are so blessed by your prayer "ButHeLovesMe"
    All glory to God for this ministry. We are but humble servants doing the will of the Father.

  13. ButHeLovesMe says:

    Dear God, in Jesus name, I thank YOU for going before fareastbroadcasting and making the crooked places straight…thank YOU that the obstacles have been removed and I thank YOU that the way has been provided for the enlargement and the expansion of this unique and dynamic ministry. Please use this video and prayer guide to education and empower YOUR intercessors globally to pray from an informed perspective that YOU will strategically and effectively use for Your Glory, amen!

  14. FEBC says:

    Thank you for your support Michael, we appreciate the positive feedback!
    God bless!

  15. Michael Cross says:

    This is inspiring! Its good to see Christian commercials on youtube, particularly ones that spread love!

  16. FEBC says:

    Really appreciate your support! We would love to see that kind of exposure, and thank you for your great help- and most of all for your prayers!

  17. Jules Rodriguez says:

    Whats the name of the nice song?

  18. Eric Longstreet says:

    You forgot to mention the third largest denomination in the world. Atheist you don't think that's important. atheist make up a larger group then Buddhist and Hinduism combined. Doesn't your god love them too? Sounds like you don't think so.

  19. FEBC says:

    God bless you! Thank you so much for your prayers!
    I hope the prayer guide will be a good resource for you as well

  20. pittbullrauljag says:

    Thank you for sending this, I will download your prayer guide.
    Prayer & Love= Peace
    My Prayers & the Love of our Saviour Christ Jesus to you and yours always.
    God Bless You & your work

  21. buyakga1946 says:

    Thank you for this video and I look forward to receiving the prayer guide. God bless you and the work you're doing.

  22. Amnas2011 says:

    Thanks for sharing,great job,liked:)

  23. Lara Of Bosnia Save Our Planet says:

    Great video , my friend … Thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰
    Peace and Happiness on the Earth πŸ˜‰

    ~ Lara ~

  24. matmicmj says:

    PEACE 2 U …

  25. FEBC says:

    Your welcome Wilhelm, to God be all the glory!
    Thank you for joining us in prayer!