Large Christian Churches Different Denominations – Servants For Jesus Christ

Servants For Jesus Christ (501 C 3 Ministry in the US to help encourage all to do Matthew 28:18-20) has President Gary Richards sharing that although he has been in hundreds of churches in many different countries, he decided to visit 10 churches in just 1 city that all had over 5000 members. Some of those churches had close to 20,000 members. He also talks about another city that has 5-7 of the largest churches in the world. These different Christian denominational churches all believed all of the Holy Bible was the inspired Word of God. This video is for skeptics who say the Bible is not true. Anyone willing to seek the truth asking God if the Bible is just a history book or a book of prophecies and scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit will find the truth if they choose to humble themselves and pray hours for the truth and willing to commit their lives totally to God’s truth. Your church size is irrelevant as God blesses obedience not church size but this video is for non-believing Christians to show that mature Christians believe all the Bible because they have spent hours and hours in prayer and have seen miracles today just like those described in the Holy Bible.


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