Kids talk about God


As a increasing selection of younger people today in the United States transfer away from arranged religion, PostTV sat down with fourteen youngsters to get their sights on religion, God and religious diversity.

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  1. alefstein1 says:

    there are no gods. you've been fed bullshit by your parents & close society.
    ohh yes and the media…

  2. james hendry says:

    these for kids being miss informed, It's nice to see some kids don't have to believe 

  3. edgar perez says:

    Children should be told about The GOD of Abraham and let Them decide . The lies that are allowed to continue are only turning The Future away from THEIR SOUL .

  4. jimjim says:

    Isn't it immoral to lie to innocent people? That's exactly what's going on when parents tell their children obvious lies about religion.

  5. Mae Bedrosian says:

    God is a father, the only king to me , santa is nothing compared to God , if gods not real how did we get here . Dont answer ohh gas formed and we are made from monkeys WRONG! God is the only king . He is the maker the creator a way better, smarter, amazing, beautiful and nicer human . Amen

  6. Autumn Ortiz says:

    I think it's interesting when nonbelievers search for videos on God and make angry posts. Why waste your time looking and posting. Maybe it's because you know deep down Jesus is possibly and most certainly the way. Love is patience , support, and anything uplifting to a being. Why waste your time serving a master of Hate, discord, and anything meant to tear one down because of your uncertainty?

  7. lunethia2 says:

    So many fedoras in this comment section.

  8. HalfBoiledHero says:

    Clearly that one secular girl was raised by hipsters but they seemed to have done something right

  9. PopJenna says:

    what's cool what happen to me when I was going be born god talk to me :/ was that good?if he talks to me but I think he was god his voice was so clam like an ocean I can't describe it he said I be born in a good family and he was right I was in good family he even said what sex should I be and I pick girl this is true I'm not lieing ..

  10. swankrecords says:

    …while adults play with Satan.

  11. infinite8 says:

    this is what indoctrination looks like.
    They dont know what they are talking about, they are just regurgitating what their parents and pastors/rabbis etc told them…generation after generation. All Hail Mighty Odin!

  12. John Denner says:

    Kids have the best minds!