June 3rd, 2020~Wednesday Bible Study

How to have Peace in Problem Times~PART 2
Psalm 119:137-144 (KJV)

Friendship Baptist Church-Duluth GA

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  1. Sherrie T says:

    The word of God is pure,mighty,powerful,quick,alive,true and consumable…yesss Amen Pastor..thank you Jesus

  2. Gerald C Baker says:

    Oh, how blessed I am to be able to hear you teach this lesson, Pastor Bowens! GOD is with you and enabling us to feel your experience in His Word and how it benefits us on tis journey we're on! Praying for your continual strength in GOD, in the Name of JESUS.

  3. vickie perry says:

    Yes, God is the key to having peace! Love the word! Thx Pastor Bowens!

  4. Sharyn Whitfield says:

    This message is so powerful. Gods timing is everything. God Is Real. God Is Truth. I Praise God that I know Him for myself. Thank You Pastor Bowens.

  5. vickie chambers says:

    Thanks for the great word, Pastor! We truly needed to hear this in these problem times!

  6. Cheryl Alford says:

    Thank you for the awesome words of encouragement this evening. To God be the glory for how He uses you to enlighten us.

  7. Linda Singleton says:

    Pastor Bowens,Thank you for another wonderful message and may the Lord continue to Bless you.