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Jonah and the Whale is an animated children’s Bible story telling how Jonah, a man who disobeyed God’s orders, caused a storm by disobeying God. Jonah jumped over board knowing that God would save him.

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The Holy Tales: Bible

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  1. Troy Abbe says:

    The Bible says that Jesus Christ is My Savior

  2. Troy Abbe says:


  3. Asucena Jimenez says:

    I love it

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  5. Min Zheng says:

    I’ll have you know that god does not look like that he is not a person! And you shouldn’t just make it up I don’t know that story

  6. Haniya Khan says:

    I am a muslim and I love jesus

  7. GOATZ556 says:

    HEIL SATAN!!!!! GOD SUCKS ASS, P.S. dont get butthurt brainwashed idiots.

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    That's it? Read the bible!

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    Fantastico dear kisses

  12. Abby Anding says:

    Your stories are so short that i don't like it!

  13. Cory Stowe says:

    I joy got

  14. Becky Mcdowell says:

    I am a kid and. I love God he is my favorite

  15. Savannah Allikas says:

    This story is good for children, no matter what people say, continue your stories for the kids who beleive. And for the non beleivers.. Back off.

  16. Michael Mohammed says:

    why did jonah run away

  17. Daniel Aklilu says:

    I love the video nice resolution and narration but An image of God is a mistake a big mistake

  18. Joseph Stokes says:

    What a crock of horseshit! How could anyone be so cruel or stupid as to push this type nonsense into the mind of someone they love? Pitiful! Religion is the cancer of the intellect of our planet!

  19. Jazlyn Rodriguez says:

    Jonah prayed to god while he was in the fishes belly

  20. Judith M.Mbuyi says:


  21. Delmy Muniz says:

    Im really happy i wached this because i always watch rollor costers and my mom got happy i watched this and now i like this so much

  22. Shawn Todd says:

    NEW Toddler's intro to Jesus:

  23. leo chan says:

    丨like iT!

  24. cotton kitty fluff mily says:

    OMG i loves this i am a christan oaky no one judge

  25. PADMA VALLI says:

    Praise the Lord

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  27. Divya Jessy says:

    thanks for this

  28. juned ahmed says:

    That was the greatest video ever were did you get that from tell me please

  29. Valve awesome crap boi says:

    I burn Muslim because they don't believe in the power of cheeses crust

  30. Valve awesome crap boi says:

    “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.” (Ephesians 5:22)

  31. Singarapu Babu says:

    I love Jesus

  32. The Danjoe's Family says:


  33. Shirley Burgess says:

    Jesus was not arrested for stealing money children he was arrested because they said he was false claim that he was the Son of God but he is the Son of God read your Bible.

  34. Countryballs Reichtangle says:

    But the Holy Bible says it's a big fish

  35. sudhakar alluri says:

    Its very nice and I like this

  36. Shawn Todd says:

    I love this video, great stuff! Check out this new toddler's introduction to Jesus video,

  37. Shyanna's DIY'S says:

    Jonah prayed to the Lord for forgiveness and more.